Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

Capricorn Horoscope

4/12/2021 - 4/18/2021

This week you are advised to take some time out of your work to take care of your health, because the ruling lord of your sign is present in the sign, but along with that, Jupiter and Moon being together from the beginning of this week and Rahu-Mars creating a conjunction in the fifth house, this time is not looking good for your health. With this, the workload may increase on you in the middle of this week. However, you should not let the workload pressurise your mind. This week in financial life, you will find yourself in new exciting situations. This will not only provide you with financial benefits at a good level, but your financial condition will also seem to become much stronger than before. This week, excessive interference by your parents or siblings in your personal life can stress you out. During this time your attitude will be very bad towards them, due to which your respect at home will also decline. The position of the planets this week is pointing towards the possibility that some conflict situations arising in your relationship with your siblings, friends, relatives and colleagues during this period. The effect of which will bring negativity in your mind, due to which you will fail to plan anything with regards to your Career. If you study away from your family, then you will do well in your studies, but the memory of your family members can cause some problems this week. Therefore, you have to prepare yourself to give your best. Also, you can avoid your distraction by communicating with your family members on the phone. Remedy: On Saturday, light a lamp of sesame oil and worship Lord Hanuman.