Love Match

Love Match

Life becomes all the more rich when we find the perfect Love Match. This world is a beautiful place but there is one thing that beautifies it even more - LOVE. It is the most beautiful feeling that one can ever experience. Love is boundless, immeasurable and complete in every sense. Here at, we will reveal to you the secret of finding out your perfect love match. When we talk about love, we are referring to the deepest emotion that a human being is capable of possessing. It is far more deep rooted than anger, hatred, or any other sentiment. Hence, before falling into the pit, it is better to be forewarned. In case you are already mesmerized into the emotion, you will find it extremely interesting to know the extent of your Love Match compatibility and the future prospects. Check out your love match compatibility now:

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Before deciding on embracing each other in the sacred act of matrimony, once again it is prudent that you check your Love match. Every individual's life depends on the partner who is destined to be with you till eternity. Hence, it is prudent that you have a level of compatibility. Your life will never be as it is today. Troubles are bound to cross your way. You will experience times of joy, sorrow and prosperity. You may want to shed tears at times. You will require a shoulder to comfort you . You will need to feel loved and be assured that come what may, you're not alone. You will feel the need to have the love of your life by your side at any odd situation. So, can you just beat about the bush to find that ONE person? Is it worth the risk to put the most precious thing at stake? Love match compatibility will tell you how smooth or rugged your love life will be. Love match is nothing but a tool that will help you decide the future course of action in your later life. Love match compatibility is based on the Horoscope of the boy and girl. The birth chart is prepared and the Gunas in the Kundli are matched.

Once you have filled up the form and gotten the details of the compatibility in Love match, many questions may arise in your mind. We will solve all the queries in this article on Love Match Compatibility.

Love Match Compatibility in Astrology

According to Vedic Astrology, Love match is done on the basis of Ashtakoot or 8 points. The eight points are : Varna, Vasya, Tara,Yoni, Maitri, Gana, Bhakoot, Nadi. The calculation of Ashtakoot sums up to 36 points. If a couple scores 36/36 then they are considered to be the perfect couple. If the score is between 35 to 30, then the match is considered to be excellent. 30 to 25 points are considered very good. below that, that is, 25 to 20 is considered a fair score. But if the Gunas in Love match are calculated as being less than 18, then it is advisable not to go ahead with the relationship as it would bring only sorrow. Indian Vedic Astrology is always given high regard for its credibility. Astrology has been in practice in India for over thousands and thousands of years. Over these past years, it has continually guided people to walk in the right path. Love match is an important part of Astrology as it defines the conjugal life that the couple would share for the rest of their lives. Their relationship will have an impact on their present and future family.

Now we will tell you in brief about Ashtakoot and their importance in Love Match compatibility. Each of the Ashtakoot have a specific area with which they are concerned.

Varna in Love Match compatibility

Varna is the first koot that we will talk about. Varna carries 1 Guna in the system of Love Match Compatibility. The area of life that Varna deals with is work. In love match compatibility, it shows how the couple would balance and carry out home affairs and their professional lives. Varna could also refer to the caste that the couple belong to.(Do not confuse castes in Astrology with the caste system that prevails now.) Moon signs that come under the Brahmin Varna according to Astrology are Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Sagittarius, Aries and Leo come under Kshatriya Varna in Astrology. Signs that come under Vaishya Varna are Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo. Lastly signs that come under Shudra Varna are Aquarius, Gemini and Libra. Thus we can see that all the signs have been allotted a Varna. So when we make the Love match Compatibility, we need to ascertain that if the boy's Varna is greater or same as the Varna of the girl then the match is considered appropriate. For instance, if the boy's moon sign is Cancer and the girl's sign is Aries, then the boy belongs to Brahmin Varna and the girl is of Kshatriya Varna. Thus this match will get 1 point and it is considered suitable. In Love Match compatibility, the Varna must score well or else the couple would find it difficult to manage home affairs and would be struggling with arguments and disharmony.

Vasya in Love Match compatibility

Now the second Koot is Vasya. Vasya is rated out of 2. Vasya deals with dominance that the couple would have over each other. In any relationship, cooperation is very essential. With mutual understanding and patience, people can bring prosperity and stability in life. - Vasya is grouped as- Jalchar (aquatic creatures), Dwipada (bipedal animals), Chatushpada (quadruped animals), Vanchar (wild animals). Quite similar to Varna, the superiority of the Vasya is taken into account. Now you must be wondering how people are assigned with the Vasya. Well, once again, the Vasya is set according to the Moon sign of the boy and girl. The boy's Vasya must be superior to the girl's Vasya or it could be of the same level. If the boy's Vasya is inferior to the girl's Vasya, then it is believed that the girl would be very dominating. In general terms, such a match is not acceptable. So as per the love match compatibility the score would be 0.5 or 0 out of 2.

Tara in Love Match compatibility

Tara is the next koot that is taken into consideration while analyzing Love Match Compatibility. Tara is rated out of 3. Tara match takes into consideration the destiny of the couple concerned. So far we have been talking about the Moon Sign of the girl and boy. While calculating Tara in Love Match compatibility, we lay emphasis on the Nakshatra/ Constellations. Astrology, on the basis of the birth chart of the couple, studies the Nakshatra of the couple at the time they were born. Astrology divides the sky into 27 parts, thus forming 27 Nakshatras. These 27 constellations are further subdivided into 9 cluster of stars. Each of these groups contain three Nakshatras. The first constellation is Janam Tara, the second one is Sampat Tara, the third constellation is Vipat Tara, fourth one is Kshem Tara, fifth one is Pratyari Tara, sixth one is Sadhak Tara, seventh one is Vadh Tara, eighth one is Mitra Tara and the last one is the ninth Nakshatra which is called Ati- Mitra Tara. After that whatever constellations follow are placed as the tenth one which would be taken as the first one and so on. If Tara counts up to 3 points then it is considered a very auspicious match. As the count decreases, the Love match becomes less positive. If the tara count is not good, then the life of the couple will be considered imperfect match.

Yoni in Love Match compatibility

Yoni is calculated out of four. In Love Match compatibility, Yoni deals with the compatibility level of the mentality of the couple. All of us have heard of the famous cartoon "Tom and Jerry", where, Tom, the cat is always chasing poor Jerry (the mouse). Jerry often takes aid from Spike the bull dog. This is mere fiction, but it does have some relevance. Cat and Mouse never get along well with each other. They do not share the same mentality. As per Astrology, when we calculate Love Match compatibility, we need to keep in mind that these couples mustn't be inimical to each other. Yoni in Love match compatibility is classified as per the Nakshatra (constellation). The fourteen Yonis are Ashwa, Mesh, Gaja, Sarpa, Shwan, Marjara, Mushaka, Gau, Mahisha, Vyagrah, Mriga, Vanara, Nakul, and Singha. Couples who share the same Yoni are considered to be a perfect match. In Astrology this is called Swabhava. If the boy and girl have Yoni that are friendly with each other, then too, it would be considered appropriate for them to marry. If the boy and girl's Yoni are hostile with each other, then they must not go ahead with the marriage as it would bring no tranquility.

Maitri in Love match Compatibility

Maitri milan has been allotted five points in Love Match Compatibility. Maitri deals with the Moon signs. Astrology defines that some signs share cordial relationship with each other while some don't. So when the horoscope of the boy and girl is examined, the Astrologers check to see the compatibility that exists between the couple's sign. If the grahas are amiable with each other then the match is considered perfect. If the signs are neutral to each other then, one can go ahead with the marriage. But if the signs are hostile towards each other, it is deemed best to avoid such a match. Let us explain this to you with the help of an example. If the moon sign of the girl and boy is dominated by Venus, as the Lord of the sign, then such a Maitri match would get a full score. In case the Love Match goes up to 0 or less than that, in Maitri Milan, then it would result in conflict between the boy and girl.

Gana in Love Match Compatibility

Gana Match is done on the basis of the Constellations in the horoscope of the couple. Six points have been allotted to Gana Match in Love Match compatibility calculations. Gana deals with the behavioral pattern of the boy and girl. There are basically three forms of Gana: Manushya Gana, Dev Gana and Rakshasya Gana. Each of these Ganas possess some characteristics that they pass on people who come under it. Manushya Gana people will be wealthy, with a good physique. They will be gentle and tender hearted. People who come under Dev Gana are witty. They believe in simple living and high thinking. Dev Gana people are considered to be philanthropic. On the other hand, as per Astrology, people who fall in the category of Rakshasya Gana are vague. They have a foul temper and tend to get involved in arguments very soon. These people are not very flexible and are often stubborn.

So while Love Match compatibility is calculated, if the boy belongs to Rakshasya Gana and the girls belongs to Deva Gana, then the couple must not get married as it would ruin their life. There will be compromises and cooperation within the family. But if the boy and girl are of the same Gana in Love Match then the couple would live a happy and successful married life.

Bhakoot in Love Match compatibility

Bhakoot has been allotted seven points. Bhakoot deals with love, that will bind the couple together. Bhakoot is very important in the process of calculating Love Match compatibility. Here again we take into account the Moon sign of the boy and girl. If the boy's and girl's moon signs are governed by the same Lord, then the Bhakoot match will be considered good. You must have often come across the word "dosh" in the Love Match Compatibility. Bhakoot Dosh is one such dosh that people are afraid of. Bhakoot dosh in Love Match instills fear because it could result in ominous events like death of the couple or death of either the boy or girl. Now we will explain to you in a very simplified manner as to how Bhakoot is calculated in Love Match compatibility. If the boy's moon sign is Capricorn and the girl's sign is Taurus as per their horoscope. Then the boy's moon sign will be five places away from the girl's sign and the girl's moon sign will be placed nine places away from the boy's sign. The combination of 5 & 9 takes form of Bhakoot Dosh. There are other combinations like 2 & 12 and 6 & 8. These combinations are also considered to be doomed. It could result in the couple to not be able to bear children. A blend of 2 & 12 will lead the couple to face financial crisis for their entire life. 6 & 8 is considered to be the most lethal blend. This could result in the death of the boy or girl or even both of them. But there are several exceptions to it as well. So it would be best for the concerned couple to consult with Astrologers and look for alternatives. So while having your Love Match compatibility calculated please keep Bhakoot in mind because Astrology considers its dosh very inauspicious.

Nadi in Love Match Compatibility

Lastly, we have Nadi Milan that is allotted 8 points in Love Match compatibility calculation. Nadi revolves around the health of the couple as per Vedic Astrology. Now the 27 constellations (Nakshatra). These are subdivided into three parts. When we accumulate the three parts, it is called Nadi match. Aadi, Madhya and Antya when combined together are called Nadi. Nadi match is the most prudent part of the process of Love Match compatibility and it is also the one step. It's importance can be governed by the fact that it has been allotted the most points. So far we have been reading that Love match compatibility is considered perfect when the girl and boy share the same Guna. Now where Nadi is concerned the case is just the opposite. The Nadi of the couple must not be the same in Love Match Compatibility. If according to Nadi calculation the couples score 8/8 then the match is considered to be very good. But if it is 0, then the marriage must not be carried out at any cost. Such a case would have 'Nadi Dosh'. But in case of a Nadi Dosh, people must not get anxious as it can be rectified. The ill effects that Nadi Dosh poses can be lessened with the help of some remedies given in Astrology. You must immediately consult an Astrologer and discuss your Love Match compatibility with him/her.

Importance of Love Match Compatibility

After reading the above, we're sure you must have realized the prudence of getting your Love Match compatibility calculated before getting into intense relationship. There have been numerous cases in which people confess that they are helplessly in love, but it is not working out between them. Well, your fate had already been decided. In case you do want to know the future of your relationship you must get your Love Match compatibility checked. Love Match Compatibility is a way through which you can be assured of a beautiful life. Love Match Compatibility is not calculated to terrify any one or demoralize them, but it is calculated to give direction.