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MyKundali, one of country's leading astrological website, welcomes you to one of it's best services, ‘Personalized Horoscope'. This term itself says what it is all about. Your personalized horoscope is your guide, your friend and your helping hand which you can keep with yourself every moment. Want to know how? Want to know what it is all about? Take a sneak peek into these below mentioned features coupled in our ‘Personalized Horoscope'.

FREE: Get your 40 plus pages annual horoscope without paying a single amount.

ANNUAL REPORT: As soon as you enter your details in the given columns, your predictions for one complete year will appear before you.

MONTHLY PREDICTIONS: The best thing about personalized horoscope is that it offers predictions month wise. You can weigh the pros & cons of every month with monthly predictions.

KNOW HOROSCOPE FOR UPCOMING YEAR: Not only for current year, but personalized horoscope provides predictions for upcoming years as well.

PREDICTIONS ACCORDING TO PREVAILING DASHA: With personalized horoscope, judge your monthly possibilities according to the on going Dasha of that month.