Mercury Retrograde: Its Effects, Do’s & Don’ts

Retrograde Mercury affects everything on earth Let’s understand the phenomenon of retrograde Mercury. Mercury, the very first planet in the Solar System, is closest to the Sun and hereby establishes a special connection with Sun and other planets. It carries information from one level of life to another and incorporates the way of living and knowledge in regard with everyday choices. It represents the way a native thinks, acts, performs and delivers in life. It rules two major zodiac signs in Astrology, Gemini and Virgo, which is why it stands responsible for connecting the emotional with the practical side.

Said to be an auspicious planet, the adverse effects of Mercury in one’s kundli or birth chart can hit hard. It symbolizes self-expression, intellect, written and communication skills, memory, way of living, decision making abilities and personality. It makes a transit, retrograde or direct at a faster speed than other planets, which directly or indirectly marks an astrological impact in one’s horoscope.

Mercury Planet: A Quick Astro-Analysis

The smallest planet in the Universe, Mercury circles around the Sun, making a full three-times circle equivalent to one revolution of Earth. This means that three years on Mercury is equal to one at Earth, which is why the retrograde takes place one every three years as per the geocentric system.

Day Wednesday
Direction North
Color Green, Light Green
Orbit in One Zodiac 25 Days
Orbit is all Signs 10 Months (approx.)
Nature Mixed
Constellations Ruled Ashlesha, Jyeshtha, Revati
Metal Lead
Precious Stone Emerald
Body Parts Ruled Skin, Nervous System
Symbol Sisters
Ruling Signs Gemini, Virgo
Enemy Planets Moon
Friendly Planets Sun, Venus, Rahu
Neutral Planets Mars, Saturn, Jupiter

It points towards a special “sibling” relationship, mainly with brother, as Gemini, one of the planets it rule, lay emphasis on brotherly bond more. It exerts more light on verbal communication and level of understanding, giving the native more space to find their inner truth and explain to the world. The way we walk, live, play, learn, act is all due to Mercury, but what must be remembered is that the planet’s greatest weakness as well as strength lies in deception.

Being the master of movement, Mercury supervises transportation, driving and walking. The native with Mercury as its ruling planet is a wanderer by soul, and pays attention to things that require rational and logical attention. This planet is the voice of our reason, words we choose, thoughts, brilliance and abilities.

What is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde is a celestial affair when Mercury planet apparently seems to move backwards in the Solar System but doesn’t happen in real. It is said that this event brings hardships and challenges for natives, but is a huge misconception. The effects sure get magnified, due to which the native seems to be smart, highly intellectual, efficient and hard-working. Although in case of negative effects, outcomes can be highly disappointing and serious.

When it regresses or move backwards, its effect strengthens and the planet casts a strong influence on speech, intelligence, logical reasoning, wealth, business, writing etc. Hence, the person becomes more capable, sharper, qualified to carry out tasks and more efficient.

On the other hand, in case there are any negative effects, there can be serious consequences in case of family, career, wealth, job, business and so on. Avoid making any permanent decision or plan or horoscope matching, as there are chances of situations changing in the future. During the retrograde period, decisions are subjected to change at at given point. This phase is considered poor for any product, project, magazine launch or signing any contract or lease as there are chances of uncertainties prevailing in the future.

Effects of Mercury Retrograde in One’s Life

Mercury Retrograde mainly targets one’s personality and behaviour and may force a person to change the decisions to extreme lengths at a point. Their way of communicating changes, making them to take some surprising or conflicting decisions, although, the consequences have to be borne later. Here’s how this astrological event affects one’s horoscope:

  • First House: If Mercury regresses in the first house of Astrology, it makes the native efficient and faster at providing outputs. Although the hastiness might become a problem later.
  • Second House: If Mercury retrograde takes place in the second house of Astrology, the native gains immense wealth and earns a lot due to his/her intelligence and intellectual capabilities.
  • Third House: Retrograde in the third house makes the person becomes more brave, courageous and determined towards achieving his/her goal.
  • Fourth House: The person leads a royal, luxurious life when Mercury retrogrades in the fourth house of Horoscope.
  • Fifth House: In case Mercury regresses in the fifth house, the native bears more girls than boys, and gains immense respect and recognition from them.
  • Sixth House: Retrograde of Mercury in the sixth house results in the person attaining a depressed outlook towards life. S/He becomes more delusional and erratic.
  • Seventh House: On the other hand, Mercury going back in the seventh house results in the native being blessed with a beautiful life partner.
  • Eighth House: Mercury retrograding in the eighth house results in the native becoming religious and spiritual in nature. Also, it may shorten one’s lifespan.
  • Ninth House: If the event takes place in ninth house of Horoscope, the native becomes increasingly interested in Vedic scriptures and likely to become a teacher, doctor or scientist.
  • Tenth House: Mercury regressing in the tenth house indicates that the person will most likely inherit property from paternal side. Due to its effect, s/he have developed a strong, influential personality with a diplomatic approach.
  • Eleventh House: In case the retrograde happens in the eleventh house, the native attains wealth, prosperity, happiness and longevity.
  • Twelfth House: Retrograde in the twelfth house indicates that the native is a fighter on the battleground. He becomes sincere and spiritually and religiously active.

Do’s & Don’ts During Mercury Retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is said to be an auspicious events, but there can be fatal consequences if the effects are malefic. In such a case, there are some activities one must try to avoid at all costs during Mercury Retrograde. Read out some points and understand how one can avoid landing in a hot soup during this phase:


During the phase of Mercury Retrograde, one tends to become a bit intolerant, hasty and slightly overzealous. The native starts feeling every emotion closely, hereby becoming sensitive and at times, hyperactive. S/He notices every minute detail ever overlooked in the past and re-evaluates, reform and redo the whole scenario. They tend to become impatient and make decisions without thinking much. Hereby, try to be patient and think before speaking.


Signing up for a new job during Mercury Retrograde might make you regret later, as situations might not be the same as appeared previously. There can be a huge shift in the relationship with managers, co-workers, superiors etc. due to retrograde, which can permanently affect your professional image and connection. Try not to change your job during this phase and wait till it's over.


Avoid getting hitched with your partner/love interest during the period when Mercury retrogrades. This period can affect the love compatibility to a certain extent. Do not take hasty decisions and let planets change their positions, i.e from retrograde to direct in order to cast a clear view. Let the time pass and listen to people giving you advices and suggestions. Check the panchang for planetary positions and identify an auspicious muhurat to go ahead with.


One of the major things to avoid doing during Mercury Retrograde is making huge investments or purchasing anything big which you may regret about later. You might observe something odd about the purchases or investments when the planet directs, but it will be too late to walk back. In case the investments are huge, it can become a bit concerning. Hence, even if you go ahead with the purchases, keep the warranty papers and receipts safe with you.


Do not plan any long-distance journey or go out for travelling during the phase of Mercury Retrograde. Be it personal, family, professional or business, try postponing the trip or rescheduling it for your own benefit.

There might be unfavorable circumstances awaiting your presence or last minute changes ruining your whole trip. Flights can be delayed, meetings may get rescheduled or you may even meet with an accident! Secure your belongings and if already on a journey, then take time to confirm your luggage as well as schedule. Leave early in case you have to go so as to avoid mishaps.


If you’ve worked really hard on a business deal and wants it to be a booming success, then not signing the contract or closing the deal during Mercury Retrograde is a great advice. It won’t work in your favor and there is a huge risk of all your hard work flushed down the hole.

If you’re pitching your ideas to the clients, there are chances that you might fail or the client won’t be able to understand your points and stall you. In any case, stay on the safer side and do not sign the deal or go ahead with the meeting.


Postpone if there’s any vehicle repairing (car, bicycle, truck, bike) to do in the coming days during the retrograde period. If urgent, double check the items required to repair/replace and stay safe during the process. Unless Mercury directs itself from retrograde, there are chances of accidents.


Professionally, do not mess with your hard work and ruin the deal during Mercury Retrograde. Avoid scheduling any meeting or go for presentations, as you might lose or get confused due to lack of clarity. Also, meetings can go horribly in other direction and results can be unexpected. As Mercury is in retrograde, you might take hasty decisions. Take your time and postpone them for the greater good.


Thinking about what not to do during the phase of Mercury Retrograde? Do not move in into a new flat with a roomie or welcome a new roommate. Things can become complicated in the later run and you may have to face several complications and arguments.

It is not a favorable idea for both of you, as you both may detest each other’s company to an extreme extent. From food to cabinet spaces, there will be constant disputes. Wait until the retrograde is over.

Remedies During Mercury Retrograde

Certain remedies must be done in order to pacify the effects of Mercury Retrograde. Read out some and follow them in order to attain prosperity and peace in life. Here are some easy-to-follow remedies:

  1. In order to attain relief from malefic effects of Mercury during Mercury Retrograde, donate gold or green colored objects.
  2. Do a fast on Wednesday offer Laddoos in Lord Ganesha’s temple.
  3. Read Vishnu Sahasranama and offer water to Tulsi plant.
  4. Help the needy, poor, children and orphans in order to gain good results.
  5. Do not consume alcohol, eggs or meat.
  6. Pour a glass of water kept near your bedside overnight on a peepal tree the next morning.
  7. Donate rice and milk in the temple and offer water to Sun lord everyday.
  8. Donate yellow clothes and Chana daal to Brahmins at a temple.
  9. Try to stay polite and calm.
  10. Wear silver ornaments around the neck.

Hereby, we hope that you’ve liked the article and found the answer to your questions. Read more about numerous astrological events at MyKundali.