Today Shubh Muhurat

Muhurat, as denoted in Brāhmaṇas, is a division of time in one whole day and said to be an auspicious period for conducting any task. As per Hindu Calendar, Muhurat is seen before commencing any task, ritual or remedy. It is the Hindu unit used for measuring time. It is said to be a benefitted time period where any task started or ritual performed delivers desired results. It is believed that initiating any chore, business project, religious ritual or travel during this time offers favorable and promising outcome without hurdles or challenges.

MyKundali provides you with Shubh Muhurat in various categories such as Shubh Hora, Rahu Kaal Muhurat and Choghadiya Muhurat. Time plays an important factor in life, and can transform one’s life within seconds. Hence, it is considered auspicious to consult Muhurat in the world of Astrology to attain positive results.

Different Types of Muhurat

There are numerous types of Muhurat or auspicious times considered in different aspects of life. It varies as per time, sunrise, sunset and position of celestial bodies in the universe. Read about some of them below and get muhurat for today now:

  • Choghadiya: Check out today’s Shubh Kaal, Choghadiya Timings and favorable and unfavorable muhurats before starting any task, ritual or journey. Some popular Choghadiya are Shubh, Labh, Amrit, and Char.
  • Shubh Hora: Shubh Hora or Horai is a tool used to chalk out an auspicious date or time using Indian Jyotish Shastra in case an astrologer or priest is not available. There are 7 main Horas in a single day.
  • Rahu Kaal: As Rahu planet is considered an inauspicious in Vedic Astrology, carrying out any new task must be avoided within this time period. Hence, Rahu Kaal is considered before commencing any work in order to lessen any damage.

Significance of Muhurat

In Hinduism, seeking an auspicious time period before beginning any task, yagna, ceremony or ritual is traditionally practiced. It holds a great significance in marriage, as it predicts favorable time and date for maximum happiness, compatibility and chemistry. Also, it proves to be very helpful for those who do not have any kundli or birth chart and suffer from doshas. Carrying out any task during a shubh muhurat yields maximum profit and fruitful results.