Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope

12/9/2019 - 12/15/2019

At the beginning of this week, the significator of one’s mind, the planet Moon will remain posited in your eighth house. Then, it will move forward to take nest in your ninth, tenth, and eleventh house. Along with this, the transit of Venus will also take place in your fifth house. At the beginning of the week, when the luminary planet occupies your eighth bhava, the support of luck will be obtained and the due results of your hard work will be also bear fruits during this time. You should keep in mind not to loan any money during the stretch of this week. Afterwards, when the Moon takes position in your ninth house, happiness will prevail in your familial front. A religious journey may also be undertaken by you, along with the members of your household. Very soon, the Moon will transit in your tenth house during mid week. At this time, everyone in the family will remain happy. During the weekend, the Moon's presence will be noticed in the eleventh house of your sign. As a result, some changes will take house in your behaviour. You may also get involved in a fight with someone. Meanwhile the transit of Venus will generate benevolent qualities in you. This is the time when you will be more than ready to help your family members. However, you may have to go against them and take certain decisions in the stretch of this week. Health should also be taken care of, during this time, as it is expected to remain in low spirits. Remedy : Feed bananas to monkeys and milk to dogs.