Virgo Weekly Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope

7/13/2020 - 7/19/2020

The Moon transit this week will be taking place through the eighth, ninth, and tenth houses of Virgo native. In the beginning, as the luminary planet remains posited in your eighth house, you can face challenges in your life. There are possibilities of your health declining right now; therefore, you need to put in more efforts towards keeping yourself fit. Take a balanced diet, do yoga, and exercise regularly, as that will be beneficial for you. This will be an especially favourable duration for student natives associated with research work. In the middle of the week, the Moon will enter your ninth house, which signifies your fortune, religion, and so on. The placement of the luminary planet here is likely to bring an increase in your faith in religion and spirituality. Many of you can take an interest in donation and charity work in society. You will also remain active concerning your family life and may talk to your father concerning plans for your future. A religious trip along with the family is also on the cards for some Virgo natives. The weekend will host the transit of the Moon through your tenth house. The placement of the luminary planet in your house of karma is likely to offer you accomplishments in your workplace. If you have been associated with a particular organisation for a long time and are planning on a job change, then your efforts will succeed now. In addition to the Moon, the Sun is also changing places this week. During its transitory motion, the hot luminary planet will enter your eleventh house. This will be a beneficial time for Virgoans as you are finally rid of an old disease. Simultaneously, monetary profits are also on the cards. However, you will need to mind your words at this time. Remedy: Offer gifts to girls younger than ten years of age.