Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Virgo Horoscope

Health: Due to the presence of Mars and Rahu in the ninth house, you have to remain wary of some health problems during this month. You may suffer from back pain or thigh pain. Any injury can also occur, which is why extreme care is required on your part. With Jupiter moving in the sixth house, you have to be more conscious about food, because this time can offer you some problems related to liver or kidney. Although the problem will not be very big, it will be necessary to take care of it, otherwise it can give you trouble in the upcoming time.

Career: The beginning of the month will be favourable for the natives of Virgo. You will try your best to leave no stone unturned in your work and therefore your intelligence will give fast paced results. Everyone will accept your efficiency and your intelligence. Your chances of acquiring a promotion are quite strong, so do not do any such work which will hinder your path to success. With Mars entering your tenth house on April 14, you may suddenly be offered a higher position or receive an increase in workload. Keep preparing for that and try to prove yourself. If you are into business, your trade will get progress from the beginning of the month. You can get good results from the government sector too and if you want, you can also include another person in your business. Your relationship with your business partner will improve, which will help you to take the business forward.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: This month April will be good for love related matters in the beginning. Jupiter and Saturn will encourage you to go for love marriage and some folks will also get success in this arena. Your relationship with your beloved will get strengthened and there will also be a feeling of dedication towards each other. This time block will enhance your love life even more and you will make the most of it. Talking about married natives, this time would be perfect. Despite some light-hearted tensions, your relationship will look strong. Attraction towards each other will increase and you will also be able to fulfill your familial obligations well. Your life partner will advise you on professional areas which will increase your confidence even more and you will acknowledge his/her importance in your life. Take care of your spouse's health in the latter part of the month. He/she will need you. Both of you can also go on a shopping spree, due to which you will have to bear some expenses.

Advice: You should light a mustard oil lamp under the Peepal tree on Saturday and perform seven circumambulations of the Peepal tree. Feed green spinach or green fodder to Gaumata on Wednesday. Chant the Beej Mantra associated with Mercury. On Saturdays, offer flour to ants. Donate red lentils(Masoor Dal) on Tuesday.

General: The natives belonging to Virgo can often turn out to be logical and practical, as well as tactful, and stand out in the crowd for their humorous nature. You can deal with your problems easily because you also know the art of making any conversation interesting. During the month of April, you will face some problems regarding your fortunes, because luck may not support you. The first half of the month will be a little weak, so whatever big and important decisions are made, postpone them for the latter half of the month so that you do not face any problem. This month will be very important for business professionals and you will get good results in your business. Connections will also be made with good and influential people and your name and fame will increase in the society. Things can turn topsy turvy with friends, so if there is such a thing, then you should try to stop the debate from escalating because friends are always useful in bad times. Before heading on a journey, consider its pros and cons. This month can give you good benefits through foreign mediums. If your business is related to abroad, then you will set foot on the path of profits. You have to pay attention to your health problems in the latter part of the month. On the health front, this month may be somewhat weak. You can be successful in repaying a bank loan or old loan but it will require strong will power on your part.

Finance: The conjuncted aspection of Jupiter and Saturn on the eleventh house at the beginning of the month is giving a good indication of a steady increase in income. The efforts you have made in the past will play an important role in furthering your financial situation. Venus, Mercury and Sun are moving into the eighth house, which will cause some problems. Your expenses will increase. Suddenly, there will be some expenses which may bother you. With Jupiter in the sixth house, expenses will increase even more which may bother you, so you have to plan a budget and implement it from the very beginning of the month. Only then, you will be able to make your financial situation better. You can benefit from your business, but it will be possible in the first half of the month. In this time, you can repay any loan which you have taken in the past.

Family & Friends: Jupiter, the lord of the fourth house of your Kundli, is sitting with Saturn in the fifth house, and the fourth house is being fully aspected by Mars and the fourth house is also forming the Paap Kartari yoga. This month’s time can be a bit challenging for your family life. Health problems can also surround your mother, due to which you will suffer from mental anxiety. Venus, the lord of the second house, is posited in the seventh house, which is a good state and is also a good time for investing in any ancestral business. On the 10th of April, the transit of Venus will be in the eighth house which will increase the happiness quotient in family life and you will be able to share a good time with your family. Debates or arguments with siblings are possible and health problems can also disturb them, so take care of their health.