Taurus Weekly Horoscope

Taurus Horoscope

7/13/2020 - 7/19/2020

This week, the transit of the Moon will take place through the twelfth, first, and second houses of Taurus native. Since your twelfth house is also known as your house of losses; therefore, natives need to remain very careful in monetary matters at the beginning of the week. In addition to this, you also need to choose your words very carefully during conversations. There are possibilities of your words being misconstrued which can result in besmirching of your name socially. In the middle of the week, the Moon will once again change places and enter your first house or ascendant. As a result, you will find yourself physically stronger. Taurus natives can actively participate in sports and similar activities at this time. Teenagers can also plan on joining a gym or doing yoga now. The weekend approaches with the transit of the Moon through your second house of speech, which also signifies your family and wealth. You will need to remain careful in your financial matters at this time. Someone close to you can ask for a loan; however, if you do not trust them completely, then you should avoid agreeing to them. Moreover, you should also refrain from taking a loan or a debt right now. Predictions for your family life indicates an average time ahead. You can spend some time with the members of your household during the weekend, which will improve the atmosphere at home. Apart from the Moon, the Sun will also be seen moving across the zodiac cycle this week and will enter your third house. This house signifies courage and might, and the placement of the Sun here is likely to bring an increase in the same. This Sun transit in Cancer will fill the lives of Taurus natives with joy. There will also be a significant improvement in your health at this time. Remedy: Worship Goddess Santoshi.