Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Scorpio Horoscope

7/13/2020 - 7/19/2020

During its transitory motion this week, the Moon will enter the sixth, seventh, and eighth houses of Scorpio natives; while the Sun will activate their ninth house. As the son of Sage Atri transits through your sixth house on Monday, there are indications of positive changes in your health. If you were struggling with some disease for a long time, then you can and finally take a breath of relief. Working professionals are also likely to receive desired results at their workplace. Even your opponent may be seen speaking in your favour right now. Many of you will get the opportunity to meet up with some relatives on your maternal side right now. In the middle of the week, the Moon will enter your seventh house of alliances. The placement of the luminary planet here is cautioning working professionals and business personnel of this sign. If you own your business in partnership, then you need to keep your communication transparent and very clear with your partner. Any convolution in your speech can make the other person feel that you are hiding something. During the weekend, the Moon will enter your eighth house, during which time Scorpio natives need to remain careful concerning their health. Those who live far from home and have a habit of eating outside need to avoid fried and too spicy food; otherwise, stomach-related problems are likely to occur. In order to stay away from mental issues, you should take the help of yoga and meditation. In addition to the Moon, the other luminary planet Sun is also making a transit this week and will enter your ninth house. In this duration, you can get into a dispute with your father or father figure. Simultaneously, professionals will also need to remain careful at their workplace, as your opponents will scheme and plot against you. Scorpio natives need to utilise their resources very carefully in order to maintain their financial front for long. Remedy: Worship Lord Shiva.