Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope

7/13/2020 - 7/19/2020

The Moon transit will be taking place through the second, third, and fourth houses of Pisces natives, while the Sun will be activating their fifth house. While the son of Sage Atri, Candra Dev is posited in your second house, you need to keep an eye on your words. Especially choose your words very carefully while conversing on a social level. One wrong sentence can besmirch your image publicly. Predictions for your family life indicate an average time; however, you may remain worried concerning the health of your parents. During the middle of the week, as the Moon enters your third house, your relationship with your younger siblings will improve. Many of you can even step forward to help them out, maybe even ending up imparting a valuable life lesson. Favourable results are on the cards for working professionals of this sign. You can also reap the benefits of the work you did in the past now. In addition to this, you can also accomplish all your tasks easily with the help of a colleague. The weekend will host the transit of the Moon through your fourth house. At this time, your inclination will be towards an increase in your comforts and amenities. However, our advice is that you first weigh the pros and cons of your expenses, especially taking a look at how they will affect your future. Any monetary problems can be discussed with your spouse or parents at this time. Apart from this, the other luminary planet, the Sun is also entering your house of progeny this week. The placement of the Ruler of the Navagraha in your fifth house is cautioning you to trade very carefully in your workplace. Your opponents may remain active at this time and will continuously scheme against you. Therefore, the farther away you stay from any office politics, the better it will be for you. Remedy: Donating yellow colour objects will be beneficial for you.