Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Pisces Horoscope

Health: There are no major hindrances from the health point of view, but still you may have to face some problem in your shoulder, throat and arm or your right ear. If you pay a little attention to them, you will be the owner of a great health. Get into the habit of walking/jogging a little everyday. Try out cycling if it is possible. By doing so, you will be able to keep your weight under control. By adopting a healthy lifestyle, you will get good health, you will be able to lead a good and happy life.

Career: Emotional and sensitive Pisces natives will be satisfied with their career this month but still it will require some attention. The presence of Jupiter, the lord of the tenth house, in the eleventh house will bring compatibility to your profession and your position at the workplace will improve. Problems will also decrease. The conjunction of Mars and Rahu in the third house can spoil the relationship with colleagues, so remain cautious during this time. Do not spill any beans regarding your personal life to anyone. You may also get a chance to travel abroad to fulfill work requirements. Saturn in the eleventh house will gradually reduce your challenges and you will start getting results in proportion to your hard work. If you are into business, then the beginning of the month will be very good for you. You will carry out your work with full honesty and develop a positive attitude regarding everything. In the latter part of the month, you will get many opportunities to grow your business and also establish good relations with some influential government officials, who will prove to be very useful to you. With the transit of Mars in the fourth house, you will come across a very professionally favourable time.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: For love related matters, the aspection of Jupiter and Saturn on the fifth house will turn out to be good. You will be very sincere about your relationship and you will try to make sure that your sweetheart also treats you honestly and you both have complete transparency in the relationship. Do not hide anything from your partner. This will enable you to understand each other very well and you will try your level best to make this love relationship a successful one. Rahu in the third house will make you a bit autocratic, so you will care less about social beliefs, but avoid doing this and live a decent life so that problems get minimized completely. For married natives, the aspection of Venus, Mercury and Sun and Jupiter on the seventh house can be stated favorable and your relationship will progress with love and mutual dedication, but in the second half of the month, the aspection of Mars on the seventh house can give birth to some arguments. Spouse can get anger and this emotion will do the rest of the work. By the way, your life partner will support you through thick and thin and carry out his/her responsibilities towards you and the household very sincerely.

Advice: You should always keep a yellow handkerchief with you. You should recite Shri Bajrang Baan daily. You should plant a Peepal and banana tree on Thursday and worship them regularly. Donating black sesame seeds on Saturdays will be beneficial for you. Eulogize Lord Shankar daily and perform his Rudrabhishek.

General: The natives belonging to the zodiac sign Pisces are considered to be the epitome of wisdom and sacrifices. They are very scholarly and manage to reach great heights of success in the field of academia. Being overly emotional, they often leave behind some opportunities at some point of time in life, but regret it later. Speaking about this month, Angarak Yoga is being formed in your horoscope due to the conjunction of Mars and Rahu in the third house. Due to this, health problems can befall your brothers and sisters. When Mars moves to the fourth house, then situations will improve. During this time, you should take care of them and avoid arguing with them in any way. The presence of Venus with the Sun in your first house, at the beginning of the month and the presence of Mercury shows that some positive changes will be made to your behaviour. Travelling should be done cautiously this month. There may be some injury or loss of luggage during the journey. You will spend a lot of your resources on yourself. Buying new clothes and some expensive items will also interest you. You will go out to dinner many times and spend time with friends too. You will get a chance to relive some old memories together and you will find solace in doing something for the society. There will be a sense of righteousness prevailing in your mind. Strong chances of acquiring money through foreign means.

Finance: There is absolutely no need to be worried from the economic point of view because Jupiter and Saturn will help you maintain a decent financial status by taking nest in your eleventh house. Although, there will be a slight decline in income and some of your expenses will also increase when the planet Jupiter moves out of it. However, those expenses will not be unnecessary, but you will spend those resources only for religious purposes. The transit of Venus and Mercury in your second house in the second half of the month will improve the economic situation. You will be able to formulate the right strategy and make some investments. Money which has been om hold may flow back into your hands Due to the transit of the Sun in the second half of the month, you can have strong chances of getting financial benefits from government and court related matters.

Family & Friends: Without the presence of any planet in the fourth and the second house,family life will proceed in a normal way. The conditions that are prevailing in the family will only progress further. There is no possibility of any major problem gracing you during this month. On the 14th of April, the transit of Mars will be in your fourth house, as a result of which the distance between family members can increase. Also, Jupiter is the ruling lord of your zodiac at this time, due to which you can go on a long distance journey. Take care of your mother's health in this situation as health problems may bother her. You can earn good profits from the sale and purchase of any family property and can also make contributions to your household. In this time you can also get success in buying a property. Physical distress can bother your brothers and sisters. However, with the transit of Mars, this situation will start improving and their problems will reduce gradually. You will get the full support of your siblings because of the presence of Venus in your sign at this time. You will also be expected to benefit from them financially. The interactions between siblings will be cordial, which will also intensify the relationship.