Leo Weekly Horoscope

Leo Horoscope

7/13/2020 - 7/19/2020

The Moon transit will take place through the ninth, tenth, and eleventh houses of Leo natives this week. In addition to this, the Sun will also enter your twelfth house. In the beginning, as the cool luminary planet enters your ninth house, fortune will turn in your favour. All your pending tasks are likely to get accomplished now. Working professionals of the sign will impress their seniors with their efforts. Some of you can even look forward to promotion right now. Your ninth house also signifies our religion. Therefore, Leo natives can become inclined towards religious activities and actively participate in the same now. Business personnel will also have fate on their side as they receive numerous opportunities for earning profit. As the middle of the week approaches, the Moon will change places and enter your tenth house, thereby turning you proactive in all your tasks. Predictions for your family life indicate possibilities of your relations with your father improving now. Simultaneously, Leo natives who are associated with their family business will be able to give a new direction to their trade at this time. The weekend will host the transit of the Moon through the eleventh house of Leo, thus bringing the natives benefits in various aspects of life. This bhava also signifies your relations with your elder siblings. As a result, you can spend some memorable moments with them now. If you are worried about something, then you can consult them on the topic. They are likely to offer you a valuable piece of advice now. The Sun transit is also taking place through the twelfth house of Leo natives this week. Due to this planetary movement, monetary losses are on the cards for many. Therefore, you need to remain very careful in all financial transactions. On the flip side, if you own a business associated with foreign countries, then profits may be on the cards for you. Remedy: Worship Lord Sun.