Yearly Horoscope for Libra

Libra Horoscope

Health: The forecast for 2020 for the health of Librans suggests illness and weak immunity, especially in the first half. Your energy levels will be high as usual, and you will be prepared to beat the diseased, hence there won’t be much trouble. This, however, doesn’t mean that you can afford to be careless about your health. Gastric problems, indigestion, joint pain, headache, chicken pox, body aches etc. can grab you. Do not ignore minute symptoms as they may indicate towards a bigger issue. Timely consultation and proper diagnostics are important, just as exercising is. For mental health, avoid too much of stress. It is the main cause of illness in the modern world. Though, there is no big issue and the later half is better for your health.

Career: Strive to achieve success this year. Since Saturn will be in your fourth house, influencing sixth and tenth house, you need to put more efforts to achieve your goal. The position of Jupiter in the months of April, May, June and July will be in your fourth house. This will bless you with good sense of decision making and beget respect. The graph of your career will also grow. In the month of December, you may get promoted to a position of importance. If you are planning to change a job or take a transfer, the months of January, February, March, April and November are appropriate for it. Saturn will make you work hard and delay the results. Don’t get annoyed and continue doing the good work. Challenges and obstacles only make you stronger. So get up and face it all. Luck will definitely shine on you. The advice offered to you is that you must not enter into a new business this year. The chances of success are feeble. If you can not avoid entering into a new venture, consult the experts before taking any decision. Those who are already running a business need not worry. Your business will run well. Either a job or business, efforts are the decisive factor for success. Avoid acting rash or getting anxious. A transfer in the mid of the year or a new job opportunity will make you happy. Those Librans who work in a mill, factory, coal mine, minerals or gas companies, research department, academics, consultancies, or are CA, lawyer etc. will have a major achievement.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: Your love life will be stable. New lessons will be learnt. Peace and harmony will accompany you. If you wish to get married to your mate, there are chances that you will convince everyone for that. You will take care of the needs of your mate and appreciate them from time to time. It is actually a nice way to make them happy and add value to your relationship. Compliments are always welcome, so why hesitate? Don’t be harsh with your beloved as it can put a dead end on the road of love. Trying to control their life is a bad decision. Accept their individuality. Your modest behaviour can save it all, so make it clear to yourself what matters more. You also need to control your emotions. Have-it-all-just-now attitude brings only hatred. Have patience and understand the true meaning of love and affection. Attraction between you and your partner will increase but you must not act greedy. If it is not mutual, it’s not love. The true essence of love lies in doing things that make your beloved happy instead of pushing them to do what you want. If you act sincerely, your relation will be long lasting. Especially, the months of May to September are beautiful for your love relations.

Advice: Perform the given remedy regularly in 2020 to get rid of all the obstacles hindering your growth and blocking your way to success: Help the poor and needy. On Saturday, go to Shani temple and donate Chana (gram pea) behave modestly with your colleagues. Offer flour to ants. Wear a ring having a diamond of good quality or the gemstone Opal. Serve cows and take blessings of young girls.

General: As per Vedic astrology, the signs for the natives of Libra for the year 2020 indicate towards adventure, learning and travel. Health needs attention and travel needs planning. Keep a check on both. Saturn, in the beginning of the year, will be in the third house but transit into the fourth on January 24. Jupiter, which also would be in the third house during the beginning will move into the fourth on March 30. The astonishing element is on 30th June, Jupiter will retrograde and again come into the third house. It will return back to its previous route and enter the fourth house on November 20th. The position of Rahu will be in your ninth house till September, after which it will move into your eighth house. You need to drive with caution during this time and eat easy-to-digest food only. Arguments, should be a big no for you. Alcohol, non-vegetarian food, smoking and such things can cause a lot of damage. Staying away from them is advised to you. As per the yearly prediction for the Librans, a pilgrimage is possible. You will be benefitted by the same. Problems that continued to disturb you for quite a while will be resolved with ease. Though, there could be some fresh challenges for you and you will learn new things from them. Freedom can be felt by you as you decide to take some time out for yourself. Sometimes you need expert advice and consulting yourself is the best choice. Introspection or meditation not only gives you inner strength but increases your willpower. Librans who aspire to land overseas, may get this wish of theirs fulfilled this year. In the month of April, efforts of past in this respect will yield results. Some people may receive paternal property. Take care of the health of your mother and father if they are aging.

Finance: Economic conditions influence not only your personal but professional life. If you are underpaid, you won’t be happy with your work or give your best, thus affecting results. And the financial problems at home need no introduction. Money can’t buy happiness, but certainly can buy objects of comfort that can help you relax. No one would understand the value of money more than a person who is dying because of lack of treatment in the absence of appropriate funds. Earning money is crucial to survival. In the year 2020, Librans will balance their income and expenditure well. From January to April and then July to November, the time will boost your economic condition. You will earn well and successfully save from it. The income will be from more than one sources. The months other than these can be a bit challenging. You need to control your expenses during this time. Transactions should be made after proper analysis. Probability of paying off an old debt is high. The flow of money will continue without a break. Some auspicious ceremony at your home can incur a cost. From April to July, you may purchase a property land, house or vehicle. This year you will be attentive towards your financial state. Still, there could be some minor differences between your income and expenditure. To make it better, prepare yourself from the very beginning. In the later half of the year, a long term investment might be made by you. Luck will favor you and this investment will prove to be profitable.

Family & Friends: Family life is predicted to be smooth in 2020. If you are living away from your family because of work, probability of you getting an opportunity of going back home are high. You will spend good time with your loved ones, though, on the contrary, if you were already residing with your family, you may have to go to a different place of work. Your relationship with the elders in family won’t be good. Your thoughts will not match and neither of you will surrender to others’ will. But from April to July, the time will be better for your family life. After the month of March, your reputation in the society will be commendable. Environment at home will be pleasant. You must not stop putting your efforts thinking that things are favorable. Casual attitude in relations leads to destruction of the bond itself. Making a balance between relations and work is your responsibility. Don’t run away from it. Money and law related issues can come up but you need not get anxious. Have patience as your decisions taken with a calm mind can help come out of these problems. Family members will support you and respect you for what you do for them. Give reverence to elders and love the young ones.