Libra Monthly Horoscope

Libra Horoscope

Health: From the health point of view, the first half of the month is expected to remain weak. Try to rectify your routine by taking care of yourself and also drive the vehicle carefully. Let this time pass with utmost care. The latter half of the month will be relatively favorable and you may get rid of health problems.

Career: If seen from a career perspective, then this month will be a very good time for Librans. The tenth house will undergo the aspection of Saturn and Jupiter, due to which you will focus a lot on your jobs and will work hard. The transit of Jupiter in Aquarius on April 6 will create some possibilities of a job change. This time would be good to take your career forward and take some new work in hand. You will acknowledge your responsibilities and remain true to them. This will help you stand out in the crowd. You will get the full-fledged support of your fellow employees. If you are a business professional, then the beginning of the month will be very weak. Do not make any new investment at this time and also do not start any new work. You will start getting good results only after Mars' transit on April 14 and only then will your business start progressing gradually. Be cautious of your opponents at the beginning of the month. They can try to spoil your image and you may even get involved in a legal matter, so work very carefully. The latter half of the month will be relatively favorable.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: The beginning of the month will be good for love related matters. You will think of moving forward in your life with your sweetheart and will talk to him/her a lot about it. You may have to face some obstacles as well, but you will be ready to support your sweetheart by understanding his/her side of the story. Time will be challenging for married natives. The lord of the seventh house is with Rahu in the eighth house and they can create prospects of quarrels with in-laws' side and may be responsible for the poor health of your spouse and cause mental stress eventually. On the 14th of April, when Mars enters the 9th house, the lurking shadow of tensions and unhappiness in your married life will go away and relations will become sweet mutually. You can go for a long and romantic walk with your life partner and meet his/her family members and try to improve family relations.

Advice: You should recite the Shani Stotra on Saturday, which is composed by Maharaj Dasaratha. People with disabilities should be offered food. Donate gram lentils on Thursday. It will also be beneficial for you to chant the Beej Mantra of Venus. To strengthen your fortunes, feed dough balls to Gau Mata.

General: Being a Libra native, you can easily achieve success on account of your tactful skills. You can also touch great heights of success because balancing life is your greatest quality. You also consider giving great importance to beauty and aesthetics and this is the reason that you are also very fond of collecting beautiful things. The month of April will be full of ups and downs. You have to focus on priorities because that is what will be most important for you. Being practical can benefit you but it is also the need of the hour to be a bit emotional. Domestic life will catch your attention because there will be many challenges in family life which will demand your intervention. It will also be necessary to be aware of your health problems. In the eighth house, the conjunction of Rahu and Mars cannot be said to be favorable at all from the health point of view. There is a likelihood of you falling prey to accidents, so drive your vehicle with utmost care and take care of yourself. Due to the presence of Ketu in the second house, things can get interrupted. While talking to anyone, take full care of what you speak. You will acquire victory over your opponents, but you may have to spend a lot of your energy and time. It would be better not to interfere unnecessarily in someone else's life.

Finance: From an economic perspective, this month of April will be full of ups and downs. Ketu is residing in the second house, Venus, Sun and Mercury are present in the sixth house and Rahu and Mars are occupying the eighth house, which will prove to give weak results from the economic point of view. You must also think before investing money, otherwise there may be losses falling into your lap. During this time, your expenses will increase unexpectedly, which will be a big challenge for you to keep a tab on, but from April 6, there are clear signs of increase in your income because of Jupiter’s aspection on the eleventh house. With this, your financial situation will start improving gradually and when Mars is in the eleventh house, the economic situation will favourably get better to some extent, yet you have to take care that your expenses do noy exceed your existing levels of income.

Family & Friends: At the beginning of the month, Ketu will be seated in the second house and in the fourth house will host Saturn and Jupiter. Due to this, some controversy can arise in the family about certain amenities. Mutual differences may increase due to lack of understanding between family members.Saturn and Jupiter’s presence in the fourth house will inspire you to take tasks associated with social causes. The reputation of your family will be strengthened and the social circle will increase. On the 6th of the month, when Jupiter enters the fifth house, childless couples may get blessed with a child or hear some good news regarding this. Any family member’s marriage may also be discussed, which will fill the family atmosphere with happiness and people will continue to flow into the family. Since Ketu is present in the second house, you should avoid uttering bitter words as this will increase the tension in family life and people may misunderstand you. Your siblings will remain happy with you and will want to do a lot for you.