Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Sagittarius Horoscope

10/26/2020 - 11/1/2020

The Moon will transit in your third, fourth and fifth house this week and you will get results accordingly. The Moon will be in your third house at the beginning of the week, due to which you will be active during this period, and your courage and strength will increase. The tasks for which you often hesitated to do can also get completed easily during this period. You can plan a trip with your friends this week. The environment in your family will be good at this time. You can spend quality time with younger siblings, and this will increase the love between you two. In the middle of the week, the Moon will transit in your fourth house, which may adversely affect the health of your mother, so pay attention to her and see a good doctor during this time if required. In regards to your financial life, there may be some expenses related to the amenities or renovation of the house. At the end of the week, the Moon will transit in your fifth house. Students need to work harder in their education. At the same time, married natives can get some good news from the child’s perspective. Remedy: Donate yellow coloured objects. Fortune Star: 3.5/5