Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

Sagittarius Horoscope

Health: Sagittarius zodiac sign possesses a fiery element, which is why natives under this sign remain serious about their health and work hard to resolve even the smallest changes. Talking about your health life this month, you are likely to get favourable results and can get rid of any chronic disease during this time. We would like to advise you to bring positive changes in your health life by playing sports and indulging in exercises. Sagittarius natives, especially those who have crossed the 50+ age bar, must avoid eating fried food. It will be beneficial to practise Pranayama to get rid of mental disturbance.

Career: Sagittarius natives who are still unemployed will have to work very hard this month. You will have to maintain your distance from friends, TV and mobile this month, as only then you will be able to succeed in whatever you do or the kind of job you wish to get. Recognise your inner capabilities and work hard diligently. The natives of this zodiac sign who are employed will get good results in their workplace. However, you are advised not to be lazy or procrastinate your duties, as it just pulls you back in the competition. You are expected to attain benefits this month with the help of a colleague. If your mother is actively employed, then she may get promoted. Your father can give you advice on career as well as other important aspects of life, and tell you about the necessary actions to be taken to succeed.

Love/Marriage/Personal Relations: The natives of this zodiac sign who are in love can introduce their beloved to their mother. Your mother may be proud of your choice. On the other hand, there is a possibility of positive changes taking place in the lives of married natives. Your spouse may get a new job during this time, which will make the atmosphere at home happy. There is a possibility of any auspicious ceremony taking place within your familial kinship, and you can take part in this function with your spouse. The natives of this zodiac sign who are still single can find a desired partner this month. However, you should remain patient when pursuing any relationship. You and your spouse can get into an argument because of your child’s academics.

Advice: Recite Hanuman Chalisa daily at sunrise.

General: Sagittarius natives possess amazing energy and leadership abilities, which makes them different from others. However, taking hasty decisions can be one of their regretful habits. This month too, some decisions taken by them can cost them their future. Our advice to you will be to take every decision carefully after evaluating and consulting it thoroughly. This month, due to the three planets Sun, Venus and Mars transiting in different zodiac signs, your tenth, eleventh and fourth house will remain in active state. The tenth house is also known as Karma Bhava and reflects on the ability to work and relationship with father. The eleventh house is called the house of profit and represents all kinds of benefits in life. At the same time, the fourth house represents prosperity and happiness, and tells about your relationship with your mother. This month, you will need to make a lot of effort in the field of career. Although, your financial life will remain normal, your family life will retain favourable results. Let us now know in detail how this month is going to be for Sagittarius natives.

Finance: Looking at the financial aspect of Sagittarius natives, there is a complete scope for improvement this month. If you have lent money to someone, then you can get it back this month, hereby improving your financial situation. You will also be successful in saving money this month, and this accumulated money will be useful for you in the coming time. If you go on business or work-related trips this month, then you can encounter auspicious returns in the future. Starting a new project or business can result in beneficial returns. You can buy a property or sell your property to someone at a good price. You are advised to avoid performing illegal activities such as betting etc. this month, as you are likely to suffer from financial loss.

Family & Friends: Regarding your family life, you will get the full support of your elder siblings this month. Putting the advice of your older siblings to use, you can get rid of several life-related problems. With this, you can spend some memorable moments with your father this month. There will be positive changes in your mother's health, and she can talk to you for hours to know what’s on your mind or bugging you. If you have been married recently, then there is a possibility of childbirth. Overall, the family life of Sagittarius natives will be good, and they will be able to successfully perform well in many areas of life owing to a positive atmosphere at home. This month, you should also give time to the younger members of the family and increase your closeness with them by indulging in games and other creative activities.