Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Cancer Horoscope

4/12/2021 - 4/18/2021

This week will be very good in terms of health. During this time, your dedication towards your health will be effective in getting rid of many diseases. In such a situation, do not let yoga and exercise fall short and consume green leafy vegetables as much as possible. This week, traders and businessmen may have to move to another state in connection with the work, where they will waste a lot more money than expected. Many such situations will arise in front of you this week, when your family and your friends will be seen standing with you like a pillar. Because this time will give you the support of friends and family in times of need. This week will see harshness in your speech, due to which you will be seen getting into quarrels with others over useless or trivial matters at the workplace. Its negative impact will not only harm your image, but it will also make it difficult for you to get proper support from colleagues in your Career. Your weekly horoscope indicates that this time will be especially good for students pursuing higher education due to the formation of Budhaditya Yoga (Sun-Mercury) in your ninth house. Because during this time you will be able to understand every subject, you can also make a big decision for your future. Remedy: It will be beneficial for you to recite Shri Hanuman Bahuk.