Amavasya 2017: The New Moon Night

Amavasya is the new moon night as per the Hindu mythology. This is day is believed to be very auspicious for pacifying the negative effects of planets. Homam is also organized on this day for the peace of our ancestors. To know more about the days in 2017

New Moon, Amavasya, has special significance in Hinduism.

Amavasya (New Moon Or No Moon)

According to the Hindu mythology, Amavasya (New Moon) is a name given to the New Moon or no moon’s night. Amavasya (New Moon) has great importance in Hindu mythology. It is said that if you offer Shraddha rituals to your ancestors on this day, it gives them peace. Some Kundali Dosh Puja (pacifying the negative effects of planets) are also performed on this day.

Amavasya 2017 Dates (New Moon 2017 Dates)

We all know that new Moon occurs every lunar month. So, accordingly, there are approximately 12 new Moon’s night in a year. Following are the dates of Amavasya 2017 (new Moon 2017):

Date Day Name of Amavasya
27 January Friday Paush Amavasya
26 February Sunday Magha/Mauni Amavasya
28 March Tuesday Phalguna Amavasya
26 April Wednesday Chaitra Amavasya
25 May Thursday Vaishakha Amavasya
24 June Saturday Jyeshtha Amavasya
23 July Sunday Ashadha Amavasya
21 August Monday Shravana/Hariyali Amavasya
20 September Wednesday Bhadrapada Amavasya
19 October Thursday Ashwin Amavasya
18 November Saturday Kartik Amavasya
18 December Monday Margashirsha Amavasya

Is Amavasya (New Moon) Inauspicious?

Amavasya (new Moon) is not inauspicious, as it marks a new beginning, the beginning of Shukla Paksha (bright fortnight).

According to the astrology, no important ceremonies should be celebrated on the night of Amavasya (new Moon), as Moon is an important planet and is not visible on Amavasya (no Moon) night.

It's a big question, whether Amavasya (new Moon) is considered to be inauspicious or not. It is said that Amavasya is the night when Moon is not visible, so all the Tantras are done on this night. As the Amavasya (new Moon) night is very dark, so it is said to be an ideal time to invoke various occult powers.

People say that one should not travel on the night of Amavasya (New moon), as it can invite problems. But, the reality is that Moon provides light, and if it is not there, the darkness can cause problems during your journey.

Kali Puja is performed on Amavasya to get rid of the evil powers, as Goddess Kali can overcome all the evil spirits. As per beliefs, on the night of Amavasya, spirits get unusual powers. Hence, Goddess Kali is worshiped on Amavasya, so that the evil spirits can be away from you.

Now, you must be thinking that Diwali , being a very auspicious festival, falls on Amavasya night. This is the reason why Amavasya should be considered as auspicious. On the festival of Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi is worshiped along with Lord Ganesha and Goddess Saraswati .

Now, we will tell you about the different types of Amavasya (New Moon) that occur every year.

Paush Amavasya

According to the Hindu Calendar , the period of December and January is known as Pausha Masa. The Amavasya (new Moon) occurring in this month is called Paush Amavasya. This year in 2017, Paush Amavasya is occurring on January 27.

People who are suffering from Pitru Dosha, donate food and clothes to get relief. This Amavasya is considered to be ideal for doing Shraddha for your ancestors. Paush Amavasya is said to be a very auspicious day to appease your forefathers.

People who want to get rid of the harmful effects of planets like Rahu & Ketu can get benefits by donating clothes and food on this day.

Mauni Amavasya

According to Hindu Calendar, Mauni Amavasya comes in the middle of Magha month. This year in 2017 Mauni Amavasya is occurring on February 26. Hindu mythology says that the holy water of Ganga river turns into Amrit (elixir) on Mauni Amavasya. It is considered to be very auspicious if someone takes a dip into Ganga river on Mauni Amavasya.

Maun means to remain silent, so on Mauni Amavasya people keep fast of not uttering a word whole day.

It is believed that the universe was created on this day. Mauni Amavasya is said to be the most auspicious day during Kumbh Mela , as the Triveni Sangam bath is done on this day, which makes one healthy.

So, you may plan your trip to Sangam this Mauni Amavasya.

Hariyali Amavasya

The Amavasya observed during Hindu month Shravan is known as Hariyali Amavasya. Usually, this Amavasya comes near Hariyali Teejand that’s why it is called Hariyali Amavasya. This year in 2017 Hariyali Amavasya is occurring on August 21.

Lord Krishna is worshiped on this day and it is celebrated all over the world, where Krishna devotees are present. This Amavasya holds a special significance in Mathura and Vrindavan. The Banke Bihari temple in Vrindavan is decorated with flowers to make a Phool Bangla (flower house). A number of devotees visit this temple in huge crowds to get the blessings of Lord Krishna.

It seems that it would be a nice idea to visit Banke Bihari, Vrindavan this Hariyali Amavasya.

Somvati Amavasya

The Amavasya, which falls on Monday is said to be Somvati Amavasya. According to the Hindu mythology, women observe fast on this day for the long life of their husbands.

Married women perform Parikrama (rounds) around the Peepal tree for 108 times. Peepal tree holds a special significance in Indian culture. A sacred thread is tied around the Peepal tree by women as a part of ritual on Somvati Amavasya.

There is a legend associated with Somvati Amavasya let’s read what the legend says.

The Legend Of Somvati Amavasya

According to the epic Mahabharata, Bhishma Pitamah narrated the legend of Somvati Amavasya to Yudhisthira.

The legend is about a money lender who was very happy with his family of seven sons and one daughter. All the sons of the money lender were married, but his daughter was still in search of a perfect match for her. The money lender had a friend who was a Pandit. Whenever he used to come at his place, his blessings were always for the daughters-in-laws, but not to his daughter. The daughter of the money lender was very upset with this behavior of the Pandit. Once the wife of the money lender asked Pandit about his weird behavior with her daughter. For that, the Pandit told her about the misfortune of her daughter. He told her that the daughter may become a widow. At this, the mother asked him about the solution for this problem. As a solution, the Pandit talked about a washerwoman living on Singhal island. He said that if the washerwomen puts Sindoor (vermilion) on the forehead of her daughter, she will become fortunate. Hearing this, the girl went to the Singhal island and met the washerwomen. She asked her to put Sindoor on her forehead. But, for that she had to impress the washerwomen and she made her happy with her service. Washerwomen fulfilled her wish by putting the Sindoor on her forehead. After that, her fate changed. She got married and lived happily with her husband.

Since then, women follow rituals on the day of Somvati Amavasya for the long life of their husbands.

So women, don’t miss this auspicious day of Somvati Amavasya, and fetch the blessing of a long life for your husband.

Margashirsha Amavasya

According to the Hindu Calendar, Margashirsha month comes between mid October to mid November. The Amavasya (no Moon) falling during this time is known as Margashirsha Amavasya. This month is said to be the month of devotion. Margashirsha Amavasya 2017 is on December 18. This month will have a special significance to devote yourself to Lord Krishna.

This day is considered to be very auspicious to start any religious work. The month of Margashirsha is the month to remember your ancestors. It is said that if you donate food and clothes on this particular day, it appeases your ancestors.

So, don't miss the chance of making your ancestors happy this Margashirsha Amavasya.

We hope that you have got all the information about the important Amavasya and the dates of Amavasya 2017.

Let's have a look over the fast of Amavasya and how it is done.

Amavasya (New Moon) : Observing The Fast

Many people in India will observe fast on Amavasya (new Moon). People usually keep Maun Vrat (fast of keeping silence) on Amavasya.

It is believed that Lord Vishnu have said in Garuda Purana, to offer food to your ancestors on Amavasya. If you do not offer food to them, they may become angry on you. To observe this fast of Amavasya, you can donate food and clothes to appease your forefathers.

So, this is how the fast of Amavasya is observed by people in India. Utilize the best of this information in Amavasya or New Moon.

We hope that this article of Amavasya 2017 (New Moon 2017) will be helpful to you and you will keep your ancestors happy by observing the fast.

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