Download Free Printable Calendar 2020

A wise man has genuinely said, “Time is money” and this is something we need to think before taking every important step in life. It is imperative to do things as planned so as to achieve desired results. One thing which can solve all these purposes is the Printable Calendar.

The Printable Calendar 2020 have all the details you need to plan your schedule in one go. The calendar would be a one-stop solution for all your plans for the year. No matter it is a festival or vacation that you are planning, you will always need the help of the Printable Calendar 2020 at least for a year.

Download/Print Here: Printable Calendar 2020

You can have a look at the calendar and even download it for a one-stop solution for 2020. There are different calendars referred to in different parts of the world due to different cultures and religions as well as the festivals.

What is a Printable Calendar 2020 Used for?

A Calendar has all the months, weeks and days classified and put together in a format which makes it easily recognisable and user-friendly. Even when there used to be no clocks, the Calendars existed to note the time by watching the sunrise and sunset.

Calendars are highly used for office purposes as well as at home as the expenses are usually carried on a fortnight or monthly basis. They are utilised in almost every industry and by every religion as it marks all the important dates including festivals which hold significance in all the religions.

Different calendars are used in the world like the Hindu calendar is used by all the Hindus to see the important religious dates. The Gregorian calendar is the internationally acceptable calendar worldwide.

The calendar given above is the 2020 Gregorian calendar which can be used to plan your outings, visits and vacations in correlation with the religious, national or fiscal calendars. For 2020, this printable calendar can be the base for the Hindu calendar which comprises Hindu festivals.

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Types Of Calendars

  • The Solar calendars are the calendars which follow the change of seasons or the motion of the Sun. The Persian calendar is one such example.
  • The Lunar calendars are the calendars which follow the lunar cycle or the motion of the Moon. When preparing the Islamic calendar, lunar phases are observed.
  • Lunisolar calendars follow the movement of both Moon and Sun. Hindu calendar, the Chinese Calendar and the Hebrew calendar are such examples.

Various Religious Calendars

  1. The religious calendars are functional as they are used to calculate the exact day and date of festivals and other holy days.
  2. The Gregorian Calendar is used to know the dates of festivals and days celebrated internationally.
  3. Panchang is the Hindu Calendar used by Hindus. The other calendars used in India are Nepali Calendar, Bengali Calendar, Tamil Calendar, Malayalam Calendar and various others.
  4. The Christians in Eastern part including the Orthodox Church use Julian Calendar.
  5. The Muslim Calendar is known as Hijri calendar and referred by Muslims all over the world. All the Islamic holidays and festivals are mentioned in Hijri Calendar 2020.
  6. An older version of the Hindu calendar is the Buddhist Calendar which is used in countries like Cambodia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Laos and Thailand.

Fiscal Calendars 2020

The accounting year is an essential part of every business and governments. The Fiscal calendar is used primarily in taxation, budgeting and maintaining account records. The US Fiscal year 2020 will start from 1st October 2020 while the Indian Fiscal year will begin on 1st April 2020. The Fiscal year can start from any date, and it stretches to a day before that date in the next year.

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Go Planned for 2020

A printable calendar can help you plan anything and everything for the year as you can see all the days, weeks and months on a single thing. This helps you to jot down any important date and plan your days for an organised year. Let 2020 be the most planned year by taking every date to your notice.