Chinese Horoscope 2020 Predictions: Year of the Metal Rat

According to Chinese Horoscope 2020, Chinese lunar year will start from January 25th and end on 11th Feb 2021. According to the Chinese horoscope, Year of the white metal rat will influence all zodiac signs in both negative or positive manner. Although the Rat is the most important sign in Chinese horoscope., however, element of this year is metal which epitomizes power, durability and assertiveness.

Let’s find out how this year will act for all the 12 Zodiac sign of Chinese horoscope such as Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig.

Here is the complete yearly prediction of Chinese Horoscope 2020:

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Rat Chinese Horoscope 2020

Rat horoscope 2020 According to Chinese Zodiac 2020, this year of white metal rat will bring freedom and space for Rats. As it is the year of white metal rat, so you will have a great time throughout the year. Things will work out according to you but a bit of laziness in your behavior can harm you a lot. You will get the positive results on every aspect of life such as family, love life, career and business. Situations will be favorable, and you’ll come across several opportunities. Do not to take anything for granted as not everyone gets what you have.

Ox Chinese Horoscope 2020

Ox horoscope 2020 Chinese Zodiac 2020: This year of white metal Rat will prove to be tough for you. During this time period, you have to work harder to lead a normal life. To spend a stable and peaceful year, you must obliterate all your past deeds. At work front, you will get praised and there is also a possibility of getting an award. However, this is not a good time for your health, hence you just need to take care of it. A little exercise and healthy food can protect you from several diseases. A golden future can only be achieved by clearing up all the mess. Time doesn't seem favorable in case you’re thinking of kick-starting a new venture.

Tiger Chinese Horoscope 2020

Tiger horoscope 2020 Chinese Zodiac 2020: On the basis of Chinese astrology for the year 2020, it will be a spontaneous year for Tigers. It will be a great year for you from all the perspectives of life. On the basis of family, love, marriage and health you will achieve positive results. But your economic conditions will not remain up to mark, and you have to focus more on your work to earn well. People with negative vibes can harm you, so it is better to stay away from them. Success can only be gained if you work hard while oozing with positive energy. Do think twice before taking any important decision in life.

Rabbit Chinese Horoscope 2020

Rabbit horoscope 2020 Chinese Zodiac 2020: According to the 2020 Chinese horoscope, Rabbits will be indulging in their past year goals in this year as well, and will accomplish them. Although, it will be an illuminating year ahead for you. This year, you will be able to face all your problems and it will make you stronger than ever. Set your goals and work accordingly. Success will be at your feet. If you are in love, you will experience a special bond and harmony with your partner. You’ll get a chance to learn a new skill, but won’t like wasting any time in case it doesn’t suit you. Understand that time and space can help mend relationships. Learn and improve your mistakes.

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Dragon Chinese Horoscope 2020

Dragon horoscope 2020 For Dragons, 2020 will be highly active. They may feel frazzled during this time. Keep an eye on your eating habits. Also, go for weekly health checkups. At the workplace, you will get instant benefits from colleagues. It will be a favorable time for you at work front. Your boss will praise your work and you may get promoted by the end of this lunar year. To lead a peaceful life, draw a line between your personal and professional life. If you are single, you may meet your true soulmate this year. Dragons will welcome this year with an open heart. Just don’t let your motivational spirit die. You’ll interact with new people and establish a friendship. Also, you may go on a trip with them.

Snake Chinese Horoscope 2020

Snake horoscope 2020 It will be a fruitful year for Snake zodiac sign. You will get a solid solution to all your problems by the end of this year. It will be a successful year from all the aspects of excluding health. However, you must need to take extra care of your health. Problems related to personal life may stress you out, hence just keep calm and let go of things. If you are married, then you may go through some rough times. Try to avoid arguments with your spouse and maintain the graph of your voice. Try to have a sound sleep, although you’ll find it difficult to have a sound sleep. Do meditation and maintain calm. This year will be good for Snake natives as they will meet the person of their dreams and establish a lasting love relationship.

Horse Chinese Horoscope 2020

Horse horoscope 2020 According to Chinese horoscope 2020, it will be a profitable year for Horse zodiac sign. This year you will be able to make a positive change in your persona. Quit all bad habits. Time is favorable for you to learn from your past and pursue a distinctive life. If you are in love, then you must balance harmony and love with your partner and avoid the situations of dispute. By the end of this lunar year, you may visit a foreign country along with your friends and family. In 2020, you might start saving up but the very thought of exploring the world will get you going. Try not to get tempted.

Sheep Chinese Horoscope 2020

Sheep horoscope 2020 In this lunar year 2020, Sheep will experience a life-changing event. There will important changes in every field of life. This lunar year, you will experience an enormous change in your lifestyle and work. A long term relationship may end this year. Although your financial condition will be more than satisfying and secured. Pamper yourself with some new clothes. A married couple will have a pleasant time throughout the year. Do not take any important decision at business front. Also, you might get out of your job for good. Remain positive and maintain a happy vibe.

Monkey Chinese Horoscope 2020

Monkey horoscope 2020 According to Chinese horoscope 2020, there will be an extravagant change in the life of Monkey natives. It will prove to be a persuasive year for you. This period of white metal rat will add glory and fame in your life. Although, it won’t be a good year from the economic and health point of view. You may experience bad health and loss on the financial grounds. This lunar year will add a new triumph to your career. You’ll become a social butterfly and love meeting new people. You will develop emotionally. Your actions will be praised at workplace.

Rooster Chinese Horoscope 2020

Rooster horoscope 2020 The white metal rat will offer a rewarding year to roosters. You’ll gain success in all aspects of your life. Although, in personal life, you may go through a tough time. Try not to get anxious, as the consequences won’t be favorable. A relationship may end or a married couple may get divorced. At work front, your impulsive nature can affect your image. Apart from this, you must stop spending money in order to avoid facing financial crisis in the future. However, it will be a captivating year for you.

Dog Chinese Horoscope 2020

Dog horoscope 2020 According to Chinese horoscope 2020, this year will be a great start for Dog zodiac sign. It will be an enjoyable and pleasant year for dogs. During this period of time, you will gain the result of your hard work. Your flexibility and open-mindedness will earn you great rewards. This year, you will enjoy your family life and spend quality time with your spouse. Be more focused on your aim and try to reach there in an appropriate way. Apart from this, married couples may visit a foreign country, but do not indulge in any argument. Remain alert as opportunities come in your way and try to grab every single one of them.

Pig Chinese Horoscope 2020

Pig horoscope 2020 This lunar year 2020 will remain neutral for Pigs. At work front, you will feel more vigorous and energetic towards your work. It will be a glorious year for your career and business as well. Everything will go smoothly, excluding your health. You may be diagnosed with some serious health issues, so do not ignore your health. Do consult your doctor and try to attain a healthy life. Be alert while dealing with money, as a close buddy can betray you. This year will be romantic, as you’ll spend blissful moments with your loved one.

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