2018 Numerology Reading & Horoscope

We, At MyKundali, are back with our annual Numerology reading for 2018. While navigating through the day-to-day activities of life we all wonder ways and means to make it simpler and easier. Numerology is one such way to untangle our complicated lives. Simple numbers and yet simpler calculations will do the trick for you. Here is a Numerology based horoscope for you for the year 2018. The total of 2018 is number 2. Therefore the planet ruling this year is Moon. The ruling planet shows that the year will bring great success for creative and artistic people. 2018 will also be great for women. The year will witness unprecedented growth and empowerment of women. This year will bring different things for different people. For some, 2018 will come with a bag full of opportunities; while for others, challenges will be the flavour of the year. Let us see what else this year has in store for you.

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Numerology Number 1

 Numerology Number One

This year will be immensely beneficial for you. You will be positive and look forward to new challenges of life. Each one of your relationships will give you a positive boost to get ahead in life. Your parents will be helpful and supportive. Their unconditional love and support will help you achieve great heights. Your relationship with your spouse will grow and due to her/his companionship you will make favorable decisions. According to this year’s Numerology reading, females in your life will be the reason of great benefit and gain for you. Your family will have a year full of fun, laughter and happiness. Time spent with them will rejuvenate you. In addition to this, you will greatly improve creatively. Your ideas will float into the right direction and will turn into great opportunities. Your mind will be at peace as you will empower yourself spiritually. This new found spirituality will benefit your work life as well as your personal life.This year will bring bloom in your love life. You will learn to appreciate life more and enjoy the warmth of love. Embrace the beautiful things that life is about to bring to you.

Numerology Number 2

 Numerology Number Two

The year comes with a promise to shower love, success and prosperity. Your relationship with your mother will act as a firm support for you. Her presence in your life will help you conquer the obstacles of life. Passion and romance are the two words that describes your love life this year. Prepare yourself to enjoy the season of love. You will receive admiration and recognition for your work. Your creativity will inspire you to try new things, which will eventually lead to success. However do not attempt too many things at the same time. Take required time for each one of your endeavours. Your positive thoughts will make you content and happy. Besides, your positivity will make you progress and grow in your career. Numerology horoscope 2018 predicts that dairy business, pearl business and art related businesses will be profitable for you. People involved in creative and artistic work are expected flourish and develop. Financial profits are most likely for people working in these sectors. For people working in other sectors also, time is fruitful and profitable. Relax and enjoy the gifts of life. Times like this seldom come, so sit back and enjoy. Combine your hard work with the luck fate has provided and success will come running to you.

Numerology Number 3

 Numerology Number Three

This year will bring mixed results for you. It will fall on same line as the previous year. Overall it can be said that this year will be average for you. Nothing new or unusual should be expected from this year. You will grow as a person and experience stability in your behavior. You are charitable person and this year will give you plenty of chances to implement this quality of yours. Help others in the time of need and the favour shall be returned. This time is really good for children. From their studies to sports, they will excel in everything they attempt. At this age they need constant care and support from you. Always make them your priority. Besides, your knowledge will grow and therefore empower you. The growth in you will take place in a holistic sense for Numerology number 3. Your entire personality and character will develop and you will ultimately go on to become a better person. In terms of your health, time couldn’t get any better. Physically and mentally you will be at your best. Finances also do not give you anything to worry about. You will be socially active and make many friends. This will be good for both your professional and personal life. Positive thoughts will make your life better and easier. You still have a long road to cover, so ensure to continue with a positive frame of mind. Keep going strong and you will find success.

Numerology Number 4

 Numerology Number Four

The new year will challenge you, and your strengths will be put to test. It is a good time to prove that you are stronger than than the obstacles on your way. With a positive mindset put your best foot forward. In terms of health, your mother will have a difficult time. Shower your love and care at this time of need. It is likely that times ahead will be stressful for you, both in terms of your career and love life. You will feel mentally drained and exhausted. Negative thoughts will overpower you. Needless to say with such a state of mind you will suffer in your career and personal life. It is suggested that you should practice yoga and meditation for mental and physical well being. These setbacks will only have a temporary damage. So there is no point worrying too much. Students will get distracted and might lag behind in their studies. Keep yourself motivated and focus on the task ahead. The times are difficult but the only thing to remember here is to act with confidence and perseverance.

Numerology Number 5

 Numerology Number Five

The year will come with a bag full of tests and trials. You will have to face and overcome each one of them in order to move forward. Times will test your strength. These trials might throw you off balance for a while but you have to stay calm and stable. Your behavior during such times will decide your future. Financially, you will have to control your urge to spend. Unnecessary expenses will create problems for you. Talk to people and try to be friends with them. Your friendliness and warmth will help you greatly during these testing times. The bond of love keeps your family united and strong. Spend time with your family and express what you feel for them. At the work front you are advised to not get involved in petty disputes. Your precious time should rather be used for constructive tasks. Outcome will be in your favour if you manage to remain focussed and work hard during such tough times. For students it is advised to concentrate and study hard. Results will be in your favour, if only you will be patient. Do not try control situations about which you can nothing. Instead keep working hard and the worst shall pass. Also, in order to overcome problems this year, you may try name numerology.

Numerology Number 6

 Numerology Number Six

This year will come in your life like a strict teacher. With challenges and trials, these times will make you an experienced and balanced person. These challenges will threaten to affect your performance at the work front/studies. Do not allow it to happen as the repercussions will be long term. Your love life also seems to be hitting a rough road. Misunderstandings and arguments over trivial issues will create distance between you and your partner. Talk and communicate your disagreements to each other patiently. It shall help. Do not overreact and try to ignore petty issues that create problems. For people who are married, it is suggested that you see practical aspect of the situation you are in. Being too emotional might impair your judgement, which might jeopardise things forever. In terms of your health you will have to be extra cautious. Your reproductive health needs urgent attention. Try meditation and introspect in order to achieve mental well being and health. Make some time to see your mother. She needs you and you should be there for her. Seeing her will relax you and give you the strength to go on even when it looks really tough.

Numerology Number 7

 Numerology Number Seven

According to our free numerology reading for number 7, coming year is going to be fruitful for you. Theory of karma will come alive in practice for you. Your good deeds in the past will show its results in present. Continue with the goodness and life will become a beautiful circle, where good attracts good. Occult sciences will capture your attention and you might be inclined to study one of them. You will acquire knowledge about subjects which interest you. Introspection and meditation will lead you towards peace and stability. The calm will have a positive impact on your professional life. You will learn to deal with difficult situation at the work place. Your tilt towards spirituality and inner well being will play a major role in your success. Your life will go through a phase of major changes. The daily pace and calm will be disturbed because of these changes. However, after initial hiccups you will hit a smooth road. Numerology says that it is likely that you will gain a lot from your maternal grandfather. Life has a lot of good things in store for you.

Numerology Number 8

 Numerology Number Eight

The coming times will pose challenges for you in every aspect of your life. This stressful time will leave you exhausted. The bad deeds done by you in the past are posing a threat to your life ahead. Do acts of kindness and compassion. Try to keep people around you happy. Careerwise, the time is not conducive for you. Your creativity will lack vision and your ideas will not convert into anything real. Your attempts will fail in producing positive outputs. It is advised to exercise patience. With perseverance and hardwork, things will begin to change. It is likely that your family will also get affected due immense stress you are going through. Arguments over petty issues will make things difficult for you. Here also you are required to act calmly and let things cool down. Things will not work out as per your plan and unnecessary delays are most likely. Financially, also the year will disappoint you. Numerology 2017 horoscope predicts that you may not see any growth in your business during this period. There is not much you can do to change the situation you are in, for the time being. However, you must have a positive state of mind and understand that all these problems are only temporary. Once you understand that situations and problems are impermanent, the stress will go away. You will approach every situation with a stress free mind.

Numerology Number 9

 Numerology Number Nine

We welcome you with your free numerology report for 2018. Be prepared to welcome a year packed with amazing surprises, happiness and success. Time has never been better for you. So gear up to make the best out of this favourable time.You will exercise and sweat it out to be fit and healthy. Desired results will be achieved with minimal effort. Needless to say that this time is also great for athletes and sports persons. You will feel inspired and determined. Use this conducive environment and positive state of mind to achieve your goals. The success achieved will be beyond your imagination. People involved in politics or occupying powerful posts are going to have a great time. Your power and influence will multiply. This time should be put to its best use for your betterment and progress. Financially, this year will turn to be a blessing. There will be a substantial increase in your income. If you are engaged in some business, then also you will earn high profits. While you are busy working hard to achieve your goals, do not forget to acknowledge the role of your family. Spend quality time with them and make them happy. This will give you the much needed break. Moreover, your family will be happy with you being around.

Every number creates its unique vibration while being spoken. Similarly, these unique vibrations are accompanied with special characteristics each number stands for. Numerology is an amazing interpretation of numbers to make predictions. Predicting the uncertain by playing with numbers is an art that makes life easier. So think well before you play your cards. One number might make a big difference in your life. All the best for 2018!