Vidyarambh Muhurat 2014

Vidyarambh Ceremony Muhurat 2014 makes you aware of the exact and the most auspicious dates on which Vidyarambh Sanskar could be performed. You can make Vidyarambh Sanskar 2014 very lucky by performing it according to the Vidyarambh Muhurat Dates for 2014.

Vidyarambh Sanskar Muhurat 2014

Vidyarambh Sanskar is considered as the most important day of a child's life. This is because of the fact that education is the foundation of our overall personality. Education makes us perfectly enlightened. When a child turns eligible to get educated in a proper way, Vidyarambh Ceremony is performed by the parents. Vidyarambh Sanskar Ceremony 2014 is for every parent who is looking forward to begin his/her child’s education in 2014.

Why Education Is considered Essential?

The value of education is understood by all. If we are well educated, then we have the capability to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. It is only the education that enlightens the individuals about their rights and duties for their family as well as society. In the present scenario, it is almost impossible to survive without education. Also, it is not just the capability of writing and reading, it also assists a person in leading a perfect life with a stable and sufficient flow of income.

Education also lends a hand in eliminating one of the major issues like poverty. People, who are not educated enough, are unable to guide their children in a proper way. Education is considered as one among the most essential necessity as the living standard and livelihood is totally dependent on it. Presently, education is extremely essential as the growth of our nation totally depends on it. At the time of Vidyarambh ceremony, the little one is introduced to various alphabets by the teacher. The given below table includes all the auspicious dates of Vidyarambh Ceremony Muhurat 2014.

Vidyarambh Ceremony Muhurat 2014 Dates Table

Date & Month Tithi Day Special comments
17 January Magh Krishna 1 Friday Dwitiya conjoining in Pushya
20 January Magh Krishna 4 Monday In Panchami
22 January Magh Krishna 6 Wednesday Before Bhadra (In Shashthi)
26 January Magh Krishna 10 Sunday Other than Bhadra (In Anuradha)
2 February Magh Krishna 3 Sunday Tritiya conjoining in Purva Bhadrapada
3 February Magh Krishna 4 Monday In Panchami
5 February Magh Krishna 6 Wednesday In Shashthi
10 February Magh Krishna 11 Monday After Bhadra
16 February Falguni Krishna 1 Sunday In Dwitiya
17 February Falguni Krishna 2 Monday Before Bhadra
19 February Falguni Krishna 4 Wednesday In Panchami
20 February Falguni Krishna 5 Thursday Ahoratra
21 February Falguni Krishna 6 Friday In Swati
24 February Falguni Krishna 9 Monday Other than Bhadra (In Mool)
26 February Falguni Krishna 12 Wednesday After Vyatipaat (In Dwadashi)
2 March Falguni Shukla 1 Sunday In Dwitiya
3 March Falguni Shukla 2 Monday In Dwitiya & Tritiya
5 March Falguni Shukla 5 Wednesday In Ashwini
12 March Falguni Shukla 11 Wednesday After Bhadra (In Pushya)
13 March Falguni Shukla 12 Thursday In Dwadashi
16 April Vaishakh Krishna 1 Wednesday Dwitiya conjoining in Swati
20 April Vaishakh Krishna 5 Sunday In Shashthi
24 April Vaishakh Krishna 10 Thursday Other than Bhadra
25 April Vaishakh Krishna 11 Friday In Shatabhisha
2 May Vaishakh Shukla 3 Friday Tritiya conjoining in Mrigashira
4 May Vaishakh Shukla 5 Sunday Ahoratra
5 May Vaishakh Shukla 6 Monday Shashthi
9 May Vaishakh Shukla 10 Friday Ahoratra
11 May Vaishakh Shukla 11 Sunday In Dwadashi
18 May Jyeshtha Krishna 4 Sunday In Panchami
19 May Jyeshtha Krishna 5 Monday Ahoratra
23 May Jyeshtha Krishna 10 Friday Other than Bhadra
25 May Jyeshtha Krishna 12 Sunday In Dwadashi
30 May Jyeshtha Shukla 2 Friday Ahoratra
2 June Jyeshtha Shukla 4 Monday After Bhadra (In Pushya)
4 June Jyeshtha Shukla 6 Wednesday In Ashlesha
8 June Jyeshtha Shukla 10 Sunday Bhadra’s Sun in Chitra
9 June Jyeshtha Shukla 11 Monday Other than Bhadra
15 June Aashadh Krishna 3 Sunday Before Bhadra
18 June Aashadh Krishna 6 Wednesday Before Bhadra
22 June Aashadh Krishna 10 Sunday After Bhadra (In Ashwini)
29 June Aashadh Shukla 2 Sunday Ahoratra
30 June Aashadh Shukla 3 Monday In Tritiya
2 July Aashadh Shukla 5 Wednesday Before Vyatipaat

The Right Procedure To Perform Vidyarambh Sanskar

In case you are planning to perform Vidyarambh Sanskar Ceremony in 2014 for your little one, it would be good if you choose the most auspicious date to perform the ritual. Vidyarambh Ceremony Muhurat 2014 can assist you in the best way in landing to the right decision. Vidyarambh Sanskar is considered to be really fortunate for the child, so plan it according to Vidyarambh Sanskar Ceremony 2014.

Vidyarambh Ceremony begins with worshipping Devi Saraswati and Lord Ganesha. On the day when Vidyarambh Sanskar is performed, the child is introduced to some alphabets. The most essential part of this celebration is the sitting position of the teacher and the child. During Vidyarambh Sanskar, the child sits in the west direction and the teacher sits in the east direction.

Before getting started with the Vidyarambh Sanskar Ceremony in 2014, keep in mind to cross check the most favorable Nakshatras. In accordance with the Vedic astrology, Swati, Ashwini, Chitra, Hast, Pushya, Anuradha, Jyestha, Revathi, Abhijit and Shravan are considered to be really auspicious. As per the Hindu calendar, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th, 10th, 11th and 12th dates are considered fortunate for performing Vidyarambh Sanskar. If you are planning to commence your child’s education in 2014 then Vidyarambh Ceremony Muhurat 2014 is all what you need.