Pushya Amrit Yoga 2014 - Pushya Nakshatra & Pushyamrit Yoga

Perform all your tasks on the most auspicious time with the aid of Pushya Amrit Yoga 2014. Now, with the help of Pushya Amrit Yoga 2014 dates mentioned in this article, you can get the best and the most positive results for all you do.

Pushya Amrit Yoga in 2014

Pushyamrit Yoga 2014 is here to assist you with the required details about the most auspicious day and time for performing Pushya Amrit Yoga in 2014. Let all your work done in the most perfect way with the assistance of Pushyamrit Yoga 2014.

In accordance with the astrology, Pushya Amrit Yoga is said to be the most delightful among all the hindu rituals. The best fact about Pushyamrit Yoga is that this duration bestows with the positive results, even if it is blocked by the evil planets. Two of the most auspicious durations of the Pushya Amrit Yoga are ravi pushya and guru pushya.

Pushyamrit Yoga 2014 muhurat dates table will give you an opportunity to get familiar with all the details about Pushya Amrit Yoga 2014.

All About Pushya Amrit Yoga 2014

Pushyamrit Yoga in 2014 is the most auspicious time of the year according to the Vedic astrology. The Pushya Nakshatra is considered as the supreme among all the nakshatras. Pushya Amrit Yoga takes place at the time when the Pushya Nakshatra falls on Sunday or Thursday. In accordance with the Vedic astrology, Pushya Nakshatra is considered as an extremely fortunate nakshatra to get relieved from all sorts of doshas.

Pushya Nakshatra Forming Pushya Amrit Yoga 2014 Muhurat Dates

Date & Month Day From Till
16 January Thursday 13-13 Sunrise
17 January Friday Sunrise 16-80
12 February Wednesday 19-28 Sunrise
13 February Thursday Sunrise 22-22
11 March Tuesday 26-21 Sunrise
12 March Wednesday Sunrise 21-16
8 April Tuesday 10-30 Sunrise
9 April Wednesday Sunrise 12-59
5 May Monday 18-10 Sunrise
6 May Tuesday Sunrise 21-40
1 June Sunday 25-58 Sunrise
2 June Monday Sunrise 28-50
29 June Sunday 8-58 Sunrise
30 June Monday Sunrise 11-50
26 July Saturday 15-10 Sunrise
27 July Sunday Sunrise 18-04
22 August Friday 21-03 Sunrise
23 August Saturday Sunrise 24-01
18 September Thursday 27-24 Sunrise
19 September Friday Sunrise Sunrise
20 September Saturday Sunrise 6-22
16 October Thursday 10-46 Sunrise
17 October Friday Sunrise 13-36
12 November Wednesday 19-04 Sunrise
13 November Thursday Sunrise 21-40
9 December Tuesday 27-37 Sunrise
10 December Wednesday Sunrise 23-00

The Pushya Yoga that falls on Sunday, is believed to provide siddhi of tantra – mantra. The Pushya Yoga that falls on Thursday, also recognized as the guru pushya, is believed to provide profit in business. It is believed that during this transit, if the moon is in 4th, 8th or 12th house, Pushya Amrit Yoga lends you a hand in accomplishing all your incomplete tasks in a perfect manner. The Pushyamrit Yoga falls approximately about 3 to 4 times in one year. Performing marriages should be avoided in the duration of Pushyamrit Yoga.

The Pushya Amrit Yoga 2014 dates table includes all the auspicious dates on which you can perform the tasks accordingly. The best fact about Pushya Nakshatra is that it frees the person from all sorts of doshas. The Pushya Amrit Yoga is considered to be extremely fortunate for the purpose of purchasing and selling things. It is also believed that when the moon enters in Pushya Nakshatra in the birth chart of a person, he develops some qualities such as firm faith in praying to god, intelligence and fulfillment of fiscal necessities.

We hope, the above mentioned details about the Pushyamrit Yoga assist you the best way. Make the best use of Pushya Amrit Yoga in 2014 and get your tasks accomplished.