Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat 2014 - Naming Day Ceremony 2014 Dates

What’s in a name? People usually ask this. But yes, name has its own importance. It gives an individual his identity, his personality and sometimes marks important milestones in his life. So, when name has so much significance then why not to keep it as per MyKundali’s Namkaran Muhurat 2014?

Hindu Baby Naming Ceremony Muhurat for 2014

Baby Naming Ceremony Muhurat 2014 is now available to help you find the most favorable Muhurat for your little one. Naming Day Ceremony should be performed in the best Muhurat (the auspicious time) of the day, so as to reflect positivity from the child’s identity.

Before we proceed, first let’s gather some knowledge about Namkaran Sanskar and the importance of Namkaran Muhurat. Name has an immense importance in one’s life. It is strongly believed that if meaning of a name is good then it makes the person a good human being. Other very important factor that reflects positivity in a person is a Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat. Namkaran Sanskar has a religious importance for Hindus; hence, the Baby Naming Ceremony Muhurat is taken as an auspicious occasion in Hindu religion. Baby Naming Day Ceremony is the first thing done when a child is born.The Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat is a special time when a child is given his first identity i.e. his name. Reason behind is the sacred belief of people; according to which, name given under a Shubh Muhurat is good for the baby. Keeping these things in mind, name of the baby is kept under a Shubh Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat. This table, all about Namkaran Muhurat 2014 is available for you to help the best way.

Namkaran Muhurat 2014 table is given below. Here, you can view the most auspicious Muhurat for your child in the year 2014.

Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat 2014 Dates

Date & Month Tithi Day Special comments
2 January Paush Shukla 9 Thursday In Uttara Bhadrapada
3 January Paush Shukla 2 Friday In Shraavan
6 January Paush Shukla 6 Monday In Uttara Bhadrapada
13 January Paush Shukla 13 Monday In Trayodashi
20 January Magh Krishna 4 Monday In Uttara Falguni
23 January Magh Krishna 7 Thursday After Bhadra (In Saptami)
31 January Magh Shukla 1 Friday After Vyatipaat (In Saptami)
3 February Magh Shukla 4 Monday In Panchami
17 February Falguni Krishna 2 Monday Before Bhadra
19 February Falguni Krishna 4 Wednesday In Panchami
20 February Falguni Krishna 5 Thursday In Chitra
26 February Falguni Krishna 12 Wednesday After Vyatipaat
27 February Falguni Krishna 13 Thursday Before Bhadra (In Trayodashmi)
3 March Falguni Shukla 2 Monday In Dwitiya Tritiya
7 March Falguni Shukla 7 Friday Before Bhadra (In Rohini)
17 March Chaitra Krishna 1 Monday In Uttara Falguni
19 March Chaitra Krishna 3 Wednesday Before Bhadra
21 March Chaitra Krishna 5 Friday Panchami Conjoining in Anuradha
26 March Chaitra Krishna 10 Wednesday After Bhadra
27 March Chaitra Krishna 11 Thursday Ahoratra
28 March Chaitra Krishna 12 Friday In Shatbhisha
31 March Chaitra Shukla 1 Monday In Pratipada
3 April Chaitra Shukla 4 Thursday In Rohini
4 April Chaitra Shukla 5 Friday Ahoratra
21 April Vaishakh Krishna 7 Monday Saptami conjoining in Uttara Shadha
23 April Vaishakh Krishna 9 Wednesday In Dashmi
24 April Vaishakh Krishna 10 Thursday Other Than Bhadra
25 April Vaishakh Krishna 11 Friday In Shatbhisha
1 May Vaishakh Shukla 2 Thursday In Rohini
2 May Vaishakh Shukla 3 Friday In Tritiya
9 May Vaishakh Shukla 10 Friday In Uttara Falguni
12 May Vaishakh Shukla 13 Monday Trayodashi conjoining in Chitra
15 May Jyeshtha Krishna 1 Thursday In Anuradha
19 May Jyeshtha Krishna 5 Monday Ahoratra
21 May Jyeshtha Krishna 7 Wednesday In Saptami
23 May Jyeshtha Krishna 10 Friday After Bhadra
28 May Jyeshtha Krishna 30 Wednesday In Pratipada
29 May Jyeshtha Shukla 1 Thursday Ahoratra
30 May Jyeshtha Shukla 2 Friday In Mrigshira
18 June Aashadh Krishna 6 Wednesday Before Bhadra
25 June Aashadh Krishna 13 Wednesday Before Bhadra
3 July Aashadh Shukla 6 Thursday After Vyatipaat
4 July Aashadh Shukla 7 Friday In Uttara Falguni
9 July Aashadh Shukla 12 Wednesday In Anuradha
14 July Shraavan Krishna 2 Monday Before Bhadra
17 July Shraavan Krishna 6 Thursday Before Bhadra
18 July Shraavan Krishna 7 Friday After Bhadra (In Saptami)
23 July Shraavan Krishna 12 Wednesday Ahoratra
24 July Shraavan Krishna 13 Thursday In Mrigshira
31 July Shraavan Shukla 4 Thursday After Bhadra (In Uttara Falguni)
6 August Shraavan Shukla 10 Wednesday In Anuradha
11 August Bhadrapad Krishna 1 Monday Ahoratra
14 August Bhaadrapad Krishna 4 Thursday In Panchami
15 August Bhaadrapad Krishna 5 Friday In Revati
20 August Bhaadrapad Krishna 10 Wednesday After Bhadra (In Mrigshira)
27 August Bhaadrapad Shukla 2 Wednesday In Uttara Falguni
28 August Bhaadrapad Shukla 3 Thursday In Uttara Falguni
29 August Bhaadrapad Shukla 4 Friday In Panchami
5 September Bhaadrapad Shukla 11 Friday After Bhadra
10 September Aashwin Krishna 2 Wednesday Ahoratra
11 September Aashwin Krishna 3 Thursday Before Bhadra
15 September Aashwin Krishna 7 Monday After Bhadra (In Saptami)
24 September Aashwin Krishna 30 Wednesday Pratipada Conjoining in Uttara Falguni
25 September Aashwin Shukla 1 Thursday In Chitra
29 September Aashwin Shukla 5 Monday In Anuradha
3 October Aashwin Shukla 9 Friday In Dashmi
6 October Aashwin Shukla 13 Monday In Shatbhisha
13 October Kaartik Krishna 5 Monday Ahoratra
20 October Kaartik Krishna 12 Monday In Uttara Falguni
30 October Kaartik Shukla 7 Thursday In Saptami
3 November Kaartik Shukla 11 Monday In Uttara Bhaadrapad
5 November Kaartik Shukla 13 Wednesday In Trayodashi
17 November Margshirsh Krishna 10 Monday After Bhadra
19 November Margshirsh Krishna 12 Wednesday In Chitra
20 November Margshirsh Krishna 10 Thursday In Chitra
26 November Margshirsh Shukla 4 Wednesday After Bhadra
27 November Margshirsh Shukla 5 Thursday Ahoratra
28 November Margshirsh Shukla 6 Friday In Saptami
1 December Margshirsh Shukla 10 Monday In Uttara Bhaadrapad
17 December Paush Krishna 10 Wednesday After Bhadra ( In Chitra)
19 December Paush Krishna 12 Friday In Anuradha
24 December Paush Shukla 3 Wednesday In Tritiya
25 December Paush Shukla 4 Thursday In Panchami
26 December Paush Shukla 5 Friday Ahoratra

Ways to perform the Baby Naming Day Ceremony

The table above will help you know the correct dates for the Baby Naming Ceremony Muhurat for your child in the year 2014. Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat should always be performed according to the right rituals and beliefs. It is believed that this ritual is being followed since the ancient times. Name giving ceremony is generally done on the twelfth day after the baby is born. However, if the ceremony is not done on the twelfth day after birth, it is necessary to get it done within 12 months. Rituals followed for baby naming ceremony are multiple, which vary from tradition to tradition. The Namkaran Sanskar ceremony starts after calling a priest who performs the Puja and initiates the process of Namkaran Sanskar. On this day, the little one is given a bath and then dressed up in new clothes. Relatives and friends are invited to double up the experience of Namkaran ceremony of the newborn. After the Puja is complete, a name is chosen by the members of the family. The chosen name is then whispered in the baby’s ear by his father. Now-a-days, baby naming ceremony Muhurat has become a big event among the people. All the family members and relatives enjoy this day in the best way they can. If you also want to transform the Namkaran Sanskar of your baby into an everlasting memory then Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat 2014 is the thing for you.

This was all about the baby naming day ceremony. Our expert astrologers have worked a lot to keep all points in mind while providing you Namkaran Sanskar Muhurat 2014. We hope that the table and information provided here will prove to be your helping hand in the year 2014. Plan your baby’s special day with the best baby naming ceremony Muhurat 2014 and bless him/her with a name that will bring along name, fame and fortune.