Annaprashana Ceremony Muhurat 2014

Annaprasana Sanskar is a ritual to feed your baby with the first bite. For every parent watching their baby taking solid form of food (Anna), is highly delightful for them. To know more on this topic read on Baby Feeding Ceremony Muhurat 2014.

Annaprasana Sanskar Ceremony Muhurat 2014

Annaprasana Sanskar Ceremony

Annaprasana Sanskar ceremony Muhurat 2014 is here to let you know the best day for offering the first bite of food to your baby. Annaprashana Sanskar ceremony Muhurat 2014 dates table is given below. Make the best use of the table and find out the most auspicious baby feeding ceremony Muhurat in 2014.

Annaprasana Sanskar is an occasion when the newborn is fed solid form of food or Anna, for the first time. MyKundali’s baby feeding ceremony Muhurat 2014 will give you all the auspicious dates. Annaprashana Sanskar ceremony is considered a holy ritual which is followed very firmly, especially in India. Everyone knows and believes that if any task is done on a suitable time, it yields maximum benefits. In the matters related to sacred and religious tasks, importance of checking the Shubh Muhurat increases. Hence, you should also look for best Annaprashana Sanskar ceremony Muhurat 2014 and make the event a memorable one. The most suitable position of stars and Nakshatras (constellations) is mentioned in the table below, providing you the baby feeding ceremony muhurat for 2014. It is said that for boys the Annaprasana Sanskar ceremony should be done in 6th, 8th or 10th month; whereas for girls the suitable time for the ceremony is in 5th, 7th, 9th or 11th month.

Let’s have a look at the below listed Annaprasana Sanskar ceremony Muhurat 2014 table, which has all the details like date, time and period about this important ceremony.

Annaprasana Sanskar Ceremony Muhurat 2014 Dates

Date Tithi Day Special comments
2 January Paush Shukla 1 Thursday In dwitiya (In afternoon)
3 January Paush Shukla 2 Friday In shravan (before afternoon)
13 January Paush Shukla 13 Monday Before afternoon
16 January Paush Shukla 15 Friday In Punarvasu
23 January Magh Krishna 7 Thursday After Bhadra (In Saptami)
12 February Magh Krishna 13 Wednesday Before afternoon
17 February Falguni krishna 2 Monday Before Bhadra
19 February Falguni krishna 4 Wednesday In Panchami
20 February Falguni krishna 5 Thursday In Panchami
26 February Falguni krishna 12 Wednesday In Trayodashi
27 February Falguni krishna 13 Thursday In Trayodashi
3 March Falguni Shukla 2 Monday Before afternoon
5 march Falguni Shukla 5 Wednesday Before afternoon
17 March Chaitra Krishna 1 Monday In Dwitiya
19 March Chaitra Krishna 3 Wednesday In Tritiya
21 March Chaitra Krishna 5 Friday
Anuradha conjoining in Panchami
28 March Chaitra Krishna 13 Friday
Shatabhisha Conjoining in Trayodashi
4 April Chaitra Shukla 5 Friday Before afternoon
9 April Chaitra Shukla 10 Wednesday Before afternoon
16 April Vaishakh Krishna 1 Wednesday Dwitiya conjoining in Swati
21 April Vaishakh Krishna 7 Monday Usha Conjoining in Saptami
23 April Vaishakh Krishna 9 Wednesday In Dashmi
24 April Vaishakh krishna 10 Thursday Before Bhadra
1 May Vaishakh Shukla 2 Thursday Before afternoon (In Rohini)
2 May Vaishakh Shukla 3 Friday In Rohini
12 May Vaishakh Shukla 13 Monday Before Afternoon
15 May Jyeshtha Krishna 1 Thursday In Dwitiya
19 May Jyeshtha Krishna 5 Monday In Panchami
21 May Jyeshtha Krishna 7 Wednesday In Saptami
26 May Jyeshtha Krishna 13 Monday In Ashwani
30 May Jyeshtha Shukla 2 Friday Before Afternoon
2 June Jyeshtha Shukla 4 Monday Before Afternoon (After Bhadra)
25 June Ashadh Krishna 13 Wednesday In Trayodashi
30 June Ashadh Shukla 3 Monday In Pushya
4 July Ashadh Shukla 7 Friday Before Afternoon
7 July Ashadh Shukla 9 Monday Before Afternoon (In Dashmi)
14 July Shravan Krishna 2 Monday Before Bhadra
16 July Shravan Krishna 5 Wednesday In Shatabhisha
18 July Shravan Krishna 7 Friday After Bhadra (In Saptami)
23 July Shravan Krishna 12 Wednesday In Trayodashmi
1 August Shravan Shukla 5 Friday Before Afternoon
6 August Shravan Shukla 10 Wednesday In Anuradha
11 August Bhadra Krishna 11 Monday In Pratipadaa
14 August Bhadra Krishna 4 Thursday In Panchami
15 August Bhadra Krishna 5 Friday In Panchami
27 August Bhadra Shukla 2 Wednesday Before Afternoon (In Uttara Falguni)
28 August Bhadra Shukla 3 Thursday Before Afternoon
10 September Ashwin Krishna 2 Wednesday In Ahoratra
11 September Ashwin Krishna 3 Thursday Before Bhadra
15 September Ashwin Krishna 7 Monday After Bhadra (In Saptami)
18 September Ashwin Krishna 10 Thursday Before Bhadra
26September Ashwin Shukla 2 Friday Before Afternoon
29 September Ashwin Shukla 5 Monday Before Afternoon
3 October Ashwin Shukla 9 Friday Before Afternoon (In Dashmi)
6 October Ashwin Shukla 13 Monday Before Afternoon
8 October Ashwin Shukla 15 Wednesday Before Afternoon
9 October Kartik Krishna 1 Thursday Dwitiya Conjoining in Ashwini
13 October Kartik Krishna 5 Monday In Panchami
15 October Kartik Krishna 7 Wednesday Punarvasu Conjoining in Saptami
30 October Kartik Shukla 7 Thursday Before Afternoon
5 November Kartik Shukla 13 Wednesday In Trayodashi
13 November Marg Krishna 7 Thursday After Bhadra (In Pushya)
19 November Marg Krishna 12 Wednesday In Trayodashi
20 November Marg Krishna 13 Thursday In Trayodashi
26 November Marg Shukla 4 Wednesday After Bhadra (In Panchami)
27 November Marg Shukla 5 Thursday In Panchami
28 November Marg Shukla 6 Friday Before Afternoon (In Saptami)
1 December Marg Shukla 10 Monday Before Afternoon
10 December Paush Krishna 4 Wednesday Panchami Conjoining in Budh
19 December Paush Krishna 11 Friday In Anuradha
24 December Paush Shukla 3 Wednesday Before Afternoon
26 December Paush Shukla 5 Friday Before Afternoon

Annaprasana Sanskar Ceremony: An Auspicious Occasion

Annaprasana Sanskar ceremony begins with worshipping the Gods and bestowing the newborn with their blessings. After completing the Puja rituals, the food is first offered to the Gods and after that is given to the baby. The Annaprashana Sanskar ceremony is performed when it is felt that the baby can now be switched to solid food and he/she will take it comfortably. On this day, feeding the baby with Kheer (sweet rice porridge) by a silver spoon is considered very favorable. Once the baby takes the first bite from his/her parents, all the relatives and closed ones also feed him/her with a tiny portion of food. Annaprasana ceremony Muhurat for boys usually falls in even months; while for the girls it is said to be suitable in the odd months. The solid food gives the child an extra nutrition other than the mother’s milk. As food is counted among the basic necessity of life, so a child should be given the food at the right time. Annaprasana Sanskar ceremony Muhurat 2014 will help you start this very important ceremony in the best suitable time.

Annaprasana Sanskar ceremony is usually done at a temple or at home. To conduct the ceremony, a priest is called who performs the rituals in an organized manner.

Make the best use of Annaprashana Sanskar ceremony Muhurat 2014 and feed your child for the very first time under the influence of favorable stars. With a number of Muhurat available in the table, pick up the one which suits you and your baby the best. Annaprasana Sanskar Muhurat 2014 will help you in the best possible manner.